The Advisor’s Guide to FinCon

Are you a financial advisor, planner, or coach? Good news! If you’re coming to FinCon, you won’t be alone.

Roughly 20% of all FinCon attendees maintain some type of financial certification and serve clients with advice and/or investment management services.

In this guide, we’ll share the financial advisor’s personalized game plan for making the most out of the FinCon experience–before, during, and after the annual event.

Noted financial planner and blogger Michael Kitces said this when asked, “Who should attend FinCon?”

“Financial advisors who are looking to get started with advisor blogging and social media, or those who are a few years down the digital marketing path and want to find colleagues to learn from and share best practices.”

We agree. FinCon is a great place for advisors and coaches to grow their businesses.

1. Learn Something New.

This isn’t just a conference about money. In fact, the focus of FinCon is the intersection of where money and media meet. That means that you want to try to take advantage of everything the schedule offers. Plus, don’t be afraid to sit down and have a conversation with someone outside of your area of expertise.

At this conference, you’ll meet hundreds, if not thousands, of content creators who have found really unique and powerful ways to connect with audiences. If social media or digital marketing aren’t your strong suits, there’s no need to be intimidated. Instead, attend sessions with an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions and connect with other attendees.

If the schedule seems too jam packed and you can’t attend every session you want, consider grabbing lifetime access to the Digital Recordings. Everyone gets access to the Digital Recordings for a month, but if you get lifetime access, you can take your time and work your way through them at your own pace.

2. Check out the Advisor Track.

If you’re worried about compliance or how FinCon fits within the parameters of your certification, never fear. There is a track specifically tailored to advisors. You won’t find strategies on how to grow your website with affiliates or other commissions (a CFP no-no). Instead, you’ll find tons of need-to-know information shared by practicing advisors.

In the past, Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner, led a session where he brought up other advisors’ websites to show specific examples of what was effective (and what wasn’t). This track isn’t abstract or pure theory. Instead, it’s a best practices approach to equip advisors with takeaways that they can implement right away. For instance, if you have things that have been running in the background, like your website design, your Twitter account, or your email list, this conference is a great way to see how quickly you can optimize some of those things.

3. Enjoy the Relaxed Dress Code and Atmosphere.

Leave the suit at home. FinCon is a t-shirt and jeans kind of event. Certainly dress in what’s comfortable for you, but know that you’ll be just fine if you leave the tie at home. Not only that, but you’ll find that other attendees and brands are energetic, excited to connect, and easy to approach. This is not a stuffy money conference.


4. Find Talented Help.

Meet writers, assistants, and more digital marketing freelancers at our Freelancer Marketplace. This free event on the agenda is a can’t miss for any advisor looking to hire a content production team, writer, social media manager, or general VA. Look for a sign up form in the conference app.

We know you’ll find plenty of help at the Freelancer Marketplace, but that isn’t the only way to connect with people. Realistically, you’ll be making connections everywhere. There are tons of opportunities to network, and there are plenty of talented people who would love to collaborate with you. Feel free to reach out to others in between sessions or during different events.

5. Expand Your Revenue Model.

Want to make more money from your online platform in ways other than client services? FinCon attendees monetize their content in a wide variety of ways: sponsors, ads, affiliate marketing, endorsements, etc.

It’s important to remember that brands come to FinCon to connect with content creators. Use this event (and specifically the Pro Pass opportunity) to make connections with brands, and discover new ways to monetize from speakers and other attendees.

6. Discover New FinTech and Digital Solutions.

At FinCon, you’ll have the chance to meet with financial product and service partners, as well as digital marketing service providers, in FinCon Central (our expo hall). You never know who you’ll meet and want innovative technology might help you grow your reach or optimize some aspect of your business.

Be sure to attend the Fintech Startup Showcase, featuring up-and-coming fintech solutions.

7. Start a Podcast.

Podcasting is one of the best digital marketing tools at your disposal as an advisor. At FinCon, we have workshops, sessions, and even a fully-stocked podcast booth with gear where you can record your first show live at the event.

Even if you aren’t ready to take the plunge into starting your own show, there’s a good chance you might get tapped to weigh in on another podcast, as many content creators use FinCon to record shows. If someone asks to collaborate, say yes!

8. Download the FinCon app.

The event schedule is packed with opportunities. Thankfully, there’s an app to help keep your schedule and contacts organized! That’s right. FinCon has its own app to help you keep track of everywhere you want to be and everyone you want to connect with during the conference.

All pass holders will be notified via email when it is available and how to access it.

You can connect with other attendees, plus the complete schedule will be at your fingertips. The app also allows you to star sessions and set reminders for specific events you want to attend.

Navigating FinCon with the app is strongly encouraged. There are so many great speakers covering topics to help you grow your business and meetups to help you connect and network. You don’t want to miss anything! So do yourself a favor and download the app.

9. Join the Facebook Group.

Need to meet some attendees before heading to the event? Look no further than the famous FinCon Community Facebook group. This group is a special place filled with resourceful conversation, helpful links from conference staff, and collaborative people looking to make the world a better place for people and their money. It’s free. There’s no self-promotion or spam either.

Hear it from other advisors.

If you’re still on the fence about FinCon or simply want insight from how other advisors have navigated FinCon in the past, check out these links. Below is a round-up of conference recaps from other advisors:

Ready to take action?

Sign up for FinCon or upgrade your pass to a Pro Pass.


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Libby Gifford

Libby Gifford

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  • FinCon has been an incredibly valuable resource for our content generation. After attending my first one in Charlotte, we launched our own podcast. Since then, I found a group of other Advisors at the conference where we’ve continued our sharing within a Mastermind group that still meets monthly today. Do yourself a favor and attend this year. Your business will benefit from it.