For early-stage consumer-facing startups that have less than $3M ARR...

Seven startups will be selected as FinCon BEST OF SHOW Fintechs and will be given the opportunity to showcase their innovative fintech solutions to 2,000+ Personal Finance content creators.

2023 FinTech Startup Finalists

Asset Camp empowers individual investors to understand and confidently invest in stock index funds and ETFs, and is developed by the same expert team behind the trusted Money for the Rest of Us platform.

Blackhedge is an AI-powered investing app that empowers retail investors with data-driven market insights so they can become better investors. Our app helps the average investor adopt a rules-based investing process through our predictive AI models and algorithms.

Debbie is the app that pays you to pay off debt and save, and helps you reduce your interest rates by up to 50%. We use behavioral psychology and positive reinforcement to help people pay off 3x more debt and save 10x, and to stay out of debt long-term.

Ditch is a debt companion app, providing users with tools and insights to pay down their debts effortlessly.

With ProjectionLab, you can create beautiful financial plans with a level of nuance and flexibility that exceeds the standard online retirement calculators. You can run Monte Carlo simulations, backtest on historical data, review detailed analytics for estimated taxes, and plan how to live life on your terms. And with some luck, reduce anxiety around your finances.

TRADR is a mobile app that automates the process of following financial markets. TRADR monitors every major public security and asset class and surfaces whatever is most relevant at any given time. It’s impossible to monitor everything manually, but TRADR makes it effortless and incredibly fast. Our Market Intelligence Feeds allow you to quickly scroll through charts, real time analytics, and AI generated news summaries.

Waterlily leverages half a billion relevant data points and deep insights to create AI-powered financial planning software focused on personalizing the long-term care conversation. We work with the financial advisor to convince their 40-60 y.o. client to build a long term care plan now to solve for affordability and reduced family burden.

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August 4, 2023


In August 2023, the seven #FinCon23 Best of Show award winners will be announced.


Best Of Show award winners will be invited to showcase their solutions on stage in front of judges and an audience of Personal Finance creators/influencers at #FinCon23 in New Orleans, October 18-21, 2023.


All participating startup will be given feedback from the judges and the audience, including valuable insight about how your message is perceived in the market. Judges and the audience will rate each fintech and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest-rated fintechs will be presented with a cash prize.


  • An app to help track & accelerate your progress to Financial Independence
  • Simplifying loans with your friends & family
  • Helping people understand financial trade-offs and optimize their investments, insurance, mortgages, and tax-advantaged accounts

2021 FinTech Startup Finalists

With, caring citizens can easily save and donate based on their financial wellness while their favorite nonprofits can fundraise for free.

FirstRoot teaches financial literacy and civics by supporting kids as they invest real money in their school through Participatory Budgeting.

StockCard is a stock market research platform that makes it easy for creators to engage and monetize their community.

Everyday Life is the only life insurance platform that optimizes your coverage by adjusting as your needs change over time.

Ethos helps align money with causes you or your clients care about, such as climate action or racial justice.

Kubera is the world’s most modern portfolio tracker: Manage your entire net worth with a single dashboard for fiat, crypto, stocks, digital-assets, and more.