Behind the Scenes: What’s New for FinCon 2024

As the business event for Personal Finance creators, FinCon continues to offer the best opportunities for money creators and brands to come together. And our mission remains the same — helping thousands reach millions with a positive money message.

Each year, we intentionally design FinCon to include a range of opportunities for you to connect with like-minded creators, meet face-to-face with brands, and focus on growing your creator business. This year is no different.

With those goals still in mind, FinCon 2024 will have a few updates we believe you’ll be excited about!

So, what’s NEW for FinCon in 2024?

FinCon Central All Day, Every Day 

You asked for it; we heard you. New for 2024 – FinCon Central (our version of an expo hall) will be open all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so you’ll have plenty of time to connect with brands on site, as well as attend as many meetups as your heart desires. 

FinCon Central will continue to be the hub of the FinCon experience, with 75+ exhibitors, live video and podcast recording booths, and more.

Go Pro and Scale

For FC24, the content on all of the stages will focus on 2 areas:

  • Going Pro – These sessions will be focused on helping Personal Finance creators make the move from part-time to full-time creators. 

  • Scaling Your Creator Business – These sessions will focus on taking your creator business to the next level once you are full-time. 

There will be fewer sessions than in previous years, with an emphasis on success stories, narratives, and case studies from top creators who are transparent, sharing real numbers, processes, and systems.

Pro Pass & Pro Networking Updates

We’re all Pros here, so to begin with, the Pro Pass is now the Creator+ Pass. (Or the Plus Pass for short.)

Pro Networking is no longer limited to just a few hours one morning. Book your meetings with brand reps anytime during FinCon. We’ll have meeting rooms with tables to reserve for the meetings to take place. 

The FC24 Creator+ Pass also comes with Advanced-level Virtual Meetups that will begin in May of 2024. Each month will offer an opportunity to connect with other Plus passholders over Zoom for a topical discussion related to Going Pro or Scaling your content creation business. 

Just like last year, the Creator+ Pass also comes with a media kit template, advanced-level mastermind opportunity, and an exclusive mixer at FC24 for all passholders, speakers, and brand reps.

Creator and Niche Conversations

While the content on the stages will focus on Going Pro and Scaling, new hybrid sessions like Creator Conversations and Niche Conversations will bridge the gap between a meetup and an actual breakout session.

Creator Conversations will make sure you have an opportunity to talk shop with as many other Personal Finance creators as possible while still being gathered in a larger group setting. They’ll provide an opportunity for a creator-led discussion on specific topics related to content creation, growing your platform/audience, and making money. 

Want to gather with other creators in your niche in a more formal setting than a meetup? Niche Conversations, like Creator Conversations, provide a guided group discussion on topics that are important to smaller groups of Money Nerds. 

In both Conversations, you’ll be seated at round tables where you can discuss the topic at hand in smaller groups.

New Location: Atlanta, GA

We move FinCon to a new city each year, and this year we’re headed to Atlanta, October 23-26, 2024. FinCon 2024 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta in the heart of downtown. 

The hotel has plenty of room for you to catch up in multiple lobbies, and there are a variety of sights and dining options within a few blocks.

Join us for FinCon 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned FinCon attendee or considering joining us for the first time, we’d love for you to join us at FinCon 2024 in Atlanta.


Curious what FinCon is like? Check out last year’s highlight reel below.


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