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may 1-3, 2020 • st. louis

The Financial Freedom Summit is for anybody looking to take their financial life to the next level. For content creators, it’s an opportunity to share your money experiences with others who are working to change their own personal finance stories.

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Watch our #FinCon19 recap to see what all the buzz is about and get a better understanding of the event. 

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Learn business-changing strategies and ideas to propel you forward. The #FinCon19 Virtual Pass gives you access to Keynote Presentations, Big Idea Talks, Breakout Sessions, and more — the next best thing to being there in-person!


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What’s New at #FinCon2020

 The countdown to #FinCon2020 is on! Whether you’re a veteran FinConner or a first-timer, there is plenty to look forward to. From stand-out keynotes and action-packed sessions to making new friends and discovering “LobbyCon” firsthand, there’s never a dull

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The Best Personal Finance Conferences in 2020

When you hear the word conference, what comes to mind? Boring lectures, painful networking, and unnecessary time away from your family? Many conferences put you in a room with people you aren’t that interested in, or they teach you things

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