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Curious what #FinCon19 will be like?

Check out the #FinCon18 recap to see what all the buzz is about. It’s not a stuffy financial conference. (No offense to the stuffy financial conferences.) There may not be a giant flamingo this year, but you never know what surprises await you in D.C.

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Washington, D.C. • September 4-7, 2019


Join 2,500+ other money nerds in Washington, D.C. for #FinCon19. You’ll hear from keynote speakers Ramit Sethi and Sharon Epperson, as well as connect with others in the personal finance community and learn to create better content, reach your audience, and make more money.

65+ Hours of Content

#FinCon18 Virtual Pass

Learn business-changing strategies and ideas to propel you forward. The #FinCon18 Virtual Pass gives you access to Keynote Presentations, Big Idea Talks, Breakout Sessions, and more — the next best thing to being there in-person!

From the FinCon Community


10 Ways to Make Money at FinCon

Attending a conference like FinCon can be a major expense. After you consider travel, registration, and food costs, you could be talking $1,000+ for the experience of the four-day event. But you can also profit from FinCon by reframing your

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September 4-7, 2019 • WASHINGTON, D.C.