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Speaker submission process

Submissions are currently being accepted.

Step 1: Learn About Our Program

Read the information on this page to learn about the 12 different tracks / session types that are being presented and what FinCon attendees are looking for. If you're just discovering FinCon or if you simply need a refresher, it's probably a good idea to read more about our attendees.

Step 2: Gather the Required Info

For your submission to be considered, you will need to provide a compelling session title, session description with takeaways, a complete list of panelists (if applicable), short bio, headshot, and basic contact info. No partial submissions will be accepted.

Step 3: Agree to FinCon Speaking Terms

Please read and understand the full terms for speaking at FinCon, which are provided at the beginning of the application. Those include (but are not limited to) the following: You agree to attend the speaker mixer and participate in mentoring. There is no compensation other than a pass or pass discount. [Note: Preference will be given to those who have previously attended a FinCon event and who have purchased their passes already.]

Step 4: Submit Your Complete Info

When you’re ready, submit your session details using the link below. (Note: If you're submitting a panel, the moderator makes the initial submission and the system will email the panelists to complete their agreements.) Once that's complete, wait for the FinCon team to evaluate your submission. We’ll let you know if we’ve accepted or declined your proposal by August, 2020.

What are FinCon attendees looking for?

Our attendees want to learn how to create better content, get that content in front of the right people, and profit from their efforts. They also want to learn what’s new and cutting edge in the personal finance and investing space.


creator tracks

Helping personal finance content creators make better online content, promote that content, and profit from it is what FinCon is all about. Creator Tracks provide creators and experts the platform to share their wisdom and for attendees to learn from their experiences. Creator Tracks are 40-minute single-speaker tracks–with the exception of the Discussion Panels, which include a moderator and 4 panelists.


Potential content: Podcast editing, content creation, audience building, sponsorships


Potential content: Video production, short form/quick production formats such as Facebook Live, longer form/higher production value such as Youtube, audience growth


Potential content: Written content creation, growing blog traffic, audience building, SEO and website development

Social Media

Potential content: Platform growth, utilizing social media to drive traffic, social strategy, analytics


Potential content: Establishing more revenue streams, finding clients, improving content creation

Discussion Panels

Potential content: 4 established experts led by a moderator, speaking to a more niche topic not covered in other single-speaker tracks, often includes Q&A time between audience and panelists. [Note: The moderator is the one who makes the submission, and then the system will follow up with the panelists to sign their agreements.]


Advanced-level, hands-on content. Tables are provided and participants can bring laptops to work. These single-speaker sessions are longer format--1.5 hours in length.


BONUS tracks

Quick Money Talks

Quick Money Money Talks offer attendees the opportunity to drill down into popular Personal Finance niche topics for a deeper dive. These submissions are best when a brand representative who can share data/research pairs with a content creator who can provide anecdotal evidence. Topics covered typically include debt, budgeting, investing, credit, retirement, insurance, entrepreneurship and more. These paired talks are 30 minutes in length.


The Solutions Track provides an opportunity for attendees to hear from solutions providers who can make their jobs and lives easier as they see to grow their platform, blog, podcast, Youtube channel, side hustle, etc. No pitches, please. These single-speaker talks are 30 minutes in length.


The Brand/Industry Track provides an opportunity for brand marketing teams to share how they create content as a brand, work with content creators and influencers, and drive brand results through content. These talks are 30 minutes in length.


The Journalism Track provides an opportunity for Personal Finance journalists to share best practices and new ideas and challenges in their particular niche. These single-speaker talks are 30 minutes in length.


The Advisor track provides an opportunity for advisors and coaches to share how they are marketing online and building their brand or business by creating online content. The Advisor Track is a single-speaker track and talks are 40 minutes in length.

Want to know more about the process?

FinCon Founder Philip Taylor talks to Andy Hill about speaker submissions and answers our most frequently asked questions about the process.

You've Got Questions...

We welcome you to submit multiple proposals.

All panelists and moderators will need to complete the agreement before the panel is considered. Each panel consists of 4 panelists and a moderator. Please do not submit a panel idea unless you have all of your panelists lined up.The moderator will should make the initial submission and then the system will request email addresses for the 4 panelist. It will then email them the speaker form to complete individually.

Speaker submissions are currently being accepted. There will be several speaker announcements made, beginning in May of 2020, with all proposals either accepted or declined by August of 2020.

You will need your compelling session title, description with takeaways, a complete list of panelists (if applicable), a brief bio, headshot, and basic contact info.