10 Ways to Make Money at FinCon

Attending a conference like FinCon may appear to be a major financial commitment. When you factor in expenses like travel, your FinCon pass, and dining costs, you could be looking at $1,000+ for the four-day event experience.

Instead of viewing it solely as an expenditure for travel, education, and fun, reframe FinCon as an investment. Your attendance can lead to personal growth, new personal and business relationships, and revenue-generating endeavors.

“The FinCon community has given us so much value that we didn’t even know we wanted or truthfully, needed. Because of this community, we have made lifelong friends, formed partnerships, and gained mentors.”

Anjie & RJ, Rich by Intention

We intentionally design FinCon so that you get as much real value from the experience as you can.

Sure, many of these things could be done without the event itself, but FinCon provides a unique opportunity for you to knock them all out within a concentrated four-day window. And when it comes to fostering partnerships, there’s nothing quite like the power of face-to-face interactions.

Alright, let’s help you make some money so you can keep doing that beautiful thing you do.

Here are 10 ways you – as a creator, blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, advisor, influencer, coach – can make money at FinCon.

1. Establish an Affiliate Relationship

Over 50% of FinCon attendees monetize their efforts using affiliate marketing (i.e. advertising relationships with brands where publishers/creators/influencers are paid a commission or referral for bringing new customers to brands).

Brands – from banks to brokers to lenders – need a steady stream of new affiliate partnerships with publishers and creators like you to reach their desired audience. FinCon is a great place to establish new affiliate marketing arrangements or simply check in on existing relationships. In short, these people are coming to FinCon to work with YOU.

FinCon is designed to bring these financial affiliates directly to you. Come prepared with business cards, your media kit, and your 60-second pitch to use when discussing potential partnerships.

Do your research on the companies ahead of time and choose those that seem like a good fit for your brand. The FinCon app is a great place to start.

Nervous about the pitch? Award-winning podcaster Joe Saul Sehy says this about talking with brands:

“Brands are looking for fresh faces to spread their message. Don’t feel like you’re selling when pitching a brand you respect and want to represent. Remember that you’re doing them a favor.”

Pro Tip: Use the app and the time in FinCon Central (our version of an expo hall) to set up meetings with brands. Alternatively, you could utilize the Pro Pass and pre-book your meetings with brands during Pro Networking which allows you to knock out all your meetings in one event. You can start new affiliate relationships or review current partnerships to discuss increases in payouts or anything else you need to address with current advertising partners.

2. Plan a Sponsored Campaign

Sponsored posts and social campaigns are at an all-time high in terms of popularity with both brands and creators. As a FinCon attendee, you’re in the perfect position to pitch your ideas to the brands in attendance. The best practice would be to have a media kit or other document containing the various aspects of your potential campaigns.

Do your homework prior to attending and review all of the brands attending to see who you’d like to speak to in person. Like affiliate relationships, it’s great to utilize the Pro Pass experience to make it easy to set these meetings up beforehand.

These brands come to FinCon looking to connect. While not every brand has an immediate sponsored campaign or business opportunity available right away, the relationships you build face-to-face can pay off in future communications as well.

Nervous about meeting with brands? A previous attendee shared this advice:

“Define your goals going in and don’t be afraid to share those in your Pro Networking (or app) profile. Also, share your goals as you message folks and make meeting requests. When you get to the meeting, ask questions to find out what their needs are. Pipe up with how you can help fill those needs. And don’t forget to be personable and just get to know the brand rep a bit.”

3. Find Freelancing Clients

Freelancers attend FinCon to find gigs. Writers, editors, producers, virtual assistants, SEO specialists, consultants, social media managers, programmers, and more all come to FinCon and find work. Many report finding enough clients to fill their roster for the year!

“FinCon has been instrumental in my success as a freelance writer and the growth of my brand. Within five months of attending my first FinCon, I was earning five times the amount I made at my previous business…”

Michelle Lambright Black, CreditWriter.com

The Freelancer Marketplace also takes place at FinCon each year. It offers the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with talented individuals offering their services on a freelance basis.

Many Pro Pass holders also use their time in Pro Networking to meet with brands to establish freelance writing arrangements.

4. Create Speaking/Endorsement Arrangements

Looking to represent a brand as an ambassador or get paid to speak? FinCon is a great place to connect with brands looking for people to represent them through media appearances, public speaking opportunities, and even using your own content.

Professional speaker, Grant Baldwin shares this advice for finding speaking gigs at FinCon:

“Start by identifying any potential people at FinCon that might be looking for a speaker like you (based on who you speak to and what problem you solve). If you’re already speaking, do whatever you can to get them to your session. Your best marketing is getting people to see you deliver a great presentation in person. Even if you’re not speaking, you still want to try to meet them in person. People do business with people they know, like and trust, and you can always build that connection in person way better than email or online.”

5. Find Podcast and Video Sponsors

Do you have a podcast or YouTube channel? Make use of the time at FinCon to connect with brands about establishing a sponsorship for your show. Joe Saul-Sehy finds sponsors to work with for his show Stacking Benjamins. This is what he says:

“We’ve always used FinCon as a platform to help us secure sponsorship from the brands we love. It’s easier to get deals done face-to-face, and our favorite companies are in the FinCon expo hall. I walk up and pitch grabbing a cup of coffee. It’s that easy.”

Turn this into a face-to-face opportunity by selling a sponsor spot for your show and actually record and produce live at FinCon. Bring your own equipment to record or sign up for a timeslot at the Podcast Stage or Video Booth, where we provide everything you need — you just show up!

6. Find Affiliates for YOUR Product/Service

Do you have your own product or service? Need other creators to help you promote it? FinCon is a great place to find fellow creators who want to partner as an affiliate for your offering.

Use the app to search through attendees (filter by niche) and connect with folks who you think create content related to your offer. You can network with others working in your areas of interest by attending Niche and Platform Meetups held throughout the event.

7. Create Paid Content On-Site

FinCon is a great place to actually make content and get paid for it! Brands who attend (or who may be sitting it out this year) would be willing to compensate you to attend the show and make content on their behalf – in the form of roundups, deep-dive interviews, podcasts, short-form content for social media, and videos.

Utilize the FinCon Podcast stage and FinCon Video booths to create your content onsite.

8. Free Money & Service Discounts in FinCon Central

This one’s easy. Some brands actually give out money, gift cards, or offer prizes during FinCon Central (our version of an expo hall). Be sure to visit each of the booths as soon as FinCon Central opens to take advantage of these offers before they run out.

Additionally, digital marketing solution providers often use the event to offer promotional offerings and discounts on their services. You could walk away from the event with free hosting, marketing services, and even free advertising dollars for your next big project.

9. Use FinCon to Learn and Recharge

There’s no better way to discover what the community has to offer than to visit a session where speakers outline how they do business and make money from their content.

Different tracks focus on different revenue models from book deals and Facebook ads to funnels and email list building. We even offer an entire track focused on Revenue Streams. Consider those case studies and make plans to implement your own money-making ideas in the future.

You might be attending sessions or you might be focused more on networking. No matter how you’re meeting people at FinCon, you’re learning. Use that new knowledge as fuel to recharge and inspire yourself to grow your brand and your audience.

10. Follow-Up Like a Pro

The fun–and the work!–doesn’t end when the event wraps up. People use the phrase “the fortune is in the follow-up” for good reason.

After the event, carve out time to touch base with everyone you connected with. To do that efficiently, develop a system to use at FinCon that makes it easy to follow-up. Go with a paper planner or a notebook. Use the calendar on your phone or another app. No matter what you do, make sure you take notes and save contact information.

Before you leave FinCon, set a deadline for yourself to follow up with your contacts. To make your follow-up really stand out, it’s a good idea to refer back to specifics from your initial meeting.

Discover More Ways to Profit from FinCon

There are likely many more strategies to leverage the FinCon experience to boost your brand and income. Take a look at these Money Nerds and the strategies they use to ensure conference attendance is successful for their brands:

Most importantly, remember that FinCon is an opportunity to cultivate both your relationships and your content. You’ll find a diverse range of attendees, from beginners to established creators, eager to welcome you into the community.

Whether you are a YouTuber, podcaster, blogger, advisor, or another type of content creator, FinCon offers an opportunity to partner with people who you might not be able to connect with from behind the computer screen. That could mean asking someone for an interview for your platform or being invited to participate in a live podcast recording at FinCon. By saying “yes” to opportunities and actively seeking to connect with others, you’ll be surprised how quickly these connections can translate into tangible monetization of your work.

Ready to take action? Sign up for FinCon or upgrade your Basic pass to a Pro Pass.


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