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Helping personal finance content creators make better online content, promote that content, and profit from it is what FinCon is all about. These tracks will feature 30-minute sessions from some fo the best digital content creators and experts from the Personal Finance community. 


Money Conversations

The Money Conversations track presents enlightening, educational, and even sometimes challenging discussions about important financial topics and issues that affect people both inside and outside of your typical sphere of influence. The goal of this track is to help creators become more aware of others’ diverse perspectives and life experiences so that they, in turn, can create better personal finance content.

Breakout Session speakers

Session titles are listed below.

Adam Conrad

CJ Affiliate


Alex Sanfilippo

Creating a Brand



Amanda Berlin

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Angel Marie

Convert Kit


Anna N'Jie-Kante

Dare to Dream Financial Planning


Ashley Barnett

Hit Publish


Ashley Copeland

Stacks and the City


Athena Lent

Money Smart Latina

Money Conversations

Barbara O'Neill

Military Families Learning Network

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Money Conversations

Brian Haney

The Haney Company


Cameron Huddleston


Chad Chubb

WealthKeel LLC


Chip Munn

Maximum Advisor


Dan Murphy

Greater Good Financial

Money Conversations

Danielle Desir

The Thought Card


Dara Albright

Dara Albright Media

Money Conversations

Dasarte Yarnway

Berknell Financial Group

Money Conversations

David Pere

The Military Millionaire

Social Media

Deborah Meyer



Dominique Reese

Reese Financial Services


Doug Nordman

The Military Guide

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship 

Dustin Heiner

Master Passive Income


Ed Coambs

Healthy Love and Money

Money Conversations

Elizabeth Ralph

My Financial Story

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship 

Erika Kullberg

Plug and Law



Frazer Rice

Wealth Actually


George Pitts

George Pitts & Company


Gloria Mansfield

Piggy Bank Tutor



Jamie Lieberman

Hashtag Legal

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship 

Jana Lynch

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Money Conversations

Jen Ruiz

Jen On A Jet Plane

Social Media

Jen Smith

Frugal Friends Podcast


Jennifer Maker

JenniferMaker Creative Living


Jessica Kupferman

She Podcasts


JJ Conway

Building Wealth Together

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

John Lanza

The Money Mammals

Money Conversations

Julia Menez

Geobreeze Travel

Social Media

Julie Broad

Book Launchers


Kate Horrell

Kate Horrell

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Kayla Sloan

Kayla Sloan, LLC

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship


Laura Levine


Money Conversations

Laura Oldanie

Rich and Resilient Living

Money Conversations

Leisa Peterson

Wealth Clinic

Money Conversations

Lule Demmissie



Matt Reiner

Get Benjamin


Michael Damazo

Fitness Wealth


Social Media

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship Track

Michelle Jackson

Michelle is Money Hungry

Money Conversations

Michelle Wigg

Frugality and Freedom

Money Conversations

MK Williams

Author Your Ambition

Freelancing/ Entrepreneurship

Monica Louie

Monica Louie, LLC

Social Media

Monique Johnson

LIVE Video Lab


Moris Dieck

Moris Dieck

Social Media

Nakiea Cook

Nakiea Cook

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Nicole Rule

Greatest Worth


Pete McPherson

Do You Even Blog


Rebecca Greig

Money Under 30

Money Conversations

Rich Jones

Paychecks & Balances


Rob Balasabas



Robin Taub

Money Conversations

Rocky Lalvani

Profit Comes First

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Sandy Yong

The Money Master

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Sarah Wilson

Budget Girl


Shaina Weisinger

Repurpose House

Social Media

Shane Walker

Qube Money


Stephanie Sammons

Retirement Money Gal Podcast


Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart Podcast Productions


Sylvia Inks

SMI Financial Coaching, LLC

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Ticora Davis

The Creator's Law Firm


Tom Schneider


Money Conversations

Tracey Bissett

Young Money with Tracey Bissett


Tracie Fobes

Tracie Fobes


Trae Bodge

Money Conversations

Whitney Hansen

The Money Nerds


William Huestis

My Asset Score

Money Conversations

William Wolf

Money Conversations

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Blogging Track

Presented by Erika Kullberg

Whether you’re just starting out or an established blogger, you want to make sure you’re blogging legally. Award-winning attorney Erika Kullberg will break down the top 10 legal things you must know if you have a blog, including: why a privacy policy is required by law and what yours should include to comply with various laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), how to protect your intellectual property, how to comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, how to legally collect emails, what disclosures you need if your blog contains affiliate links and how to use disclaimers to protect yourself from lawsuits.

Presented by Pete McPherson

We all wish we had more time to spend creating content! Over several years, I’ve optimized a streamlined workflow that helps me push out multiple blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more—every single week. You’ll walk away from this session with the pre-planning checklist I use to produce content at lightning speeds, as well as an optimized workflow for repurposing content to reach your audience across multiple platforms, social channels, and formats. You’ll produce better content, faster.

Presented by Ashley Barnett

Creating great blog posts is the #1 thing you can do to grow your blog. No amount of social media or SEO will matter if you don’t have amazing content to back it up. Ashley has been a personal finance blogger for over a decade and after editing well over 3,000 blog posts, she know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating amazing blog content. This jam packed, zero fluff, talk will dive into seven things you can do today to start creating the best content on the internet. After attending this session you will have the tools and knowledge you need to level up your content game and get better results from your blog.

Presented by Rebecca Greig

Personal finance and politics may not at first glance seem like a natural fit but 2020’s a year that’s hard to escape: whether it’s a global pandemic, U.S. elections or worldwide protests amid economic recession, politics, policy – and the corresponding fallout – is an ineluctable part of our lives. To deny it or dismiss it is to be left out of a very important part of the online conversation but to cover it in the wrong way risks alienating an audience and losing ad revenue. How should you cover COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, the U.S. election and other polarizing events that have the power to affect millions (if not billions) and influence how they spend, and what they spend and what they have to spend? From her background as a political correspondent and editor and her transition to financial journalism, Rebecca will discuss how to cover the most important issues of the day in a sensitive and timely way for a personal finance audience.

Presented by Gloria Mansfield

Attendees will learn successful marketing 101. How to develop your value proposition. Create a standout brand. Effective online marketing. Building an engaging brand community. And creating brand loyalty content.

Presented by Tracie Fobes

Selling products is the simplest way to generate passive income on your blog. Stop worrying about affiliate marketing and ads and control the money you make from your site. Learn how to determine what you can sell, how to create it, the pricing methods that work and marketing tricks to increase your sales month after month.

Presented by Jennifer Maker

Join Jennifer Maker, founder of the wildly popular DIY & craft blog, as she shares her journey from newbie blogger to seven-figure entrepreneur in under three years in a brand new niche. During the session you’ll learn how she started from scratch with no money or connections and built an empire doing what she loves: making beautiful things. Discover how she chose a profitable and fast-growing niche, as well as her methods for finding and gathering her people around her. You’ll also learn the simple but effective strategies she uses to consistently convert visitors into subscribers and how her content has evolved from a simple blog to a huge collection of tutorials, designs, books, workshops, and courses in just a few short years. Finally, she’ll share how she leveraged her popularity into online products her people love, generating awe-inspiring revenue along the way.

Presented by Brian Haney

Helping successful financial bloggers, podcasters and coaches successfully handoff their clients to a financial advisor so everyone can win! Ever played the “Financial Adviser Dating Game?” Well if you haven’t then you’re in luck because this session will cover every step on how you cyber stalk, date and eventually “marry” the right partners that can enhance your business and take your clients and followers to the next level. Sounds like a match made in heaven doesn’t it!

Presented by Jamie Lieberman

In this session, Jamie will discuss how to protect your intellectual property, what to do when someone infringes and how to create an income stream through licensing intellectual property.

Presented by Adam Conrad

Curious to know what you can do to give your affiliate partnership pitches a new edge and how to prepare for winning new partners in 2021? This session is all about understanding what Finance brands are looking for from their affiliate content partnerships, how that is evolving and why it’s important to keep an eye on the changing privacy landscape.

This session will share critical tactics to deepen relationships with finance brands, including:

  • An understanding of what decision makers look for when assessing new partnerships
  • Essential tips to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with new brands
  • Insights into how recent privacy and browser changes are impacting partnerships
  • What finance brands are likely to prioritize in a post-COVID-19 world

Presented by Harris Schacter

During this session I will share some of the strategies I have used over the years to gain visibility, traffic and revenue from SEO (organic search). I will share some of the tips and techniques we used at Capital One to push our DAU (daily active users) from 9M to 14M through content strategy and search-centric approaches, including keyword research, site structure, on-page SEO, internal linking strategy, content audits, and some technical SEO basics. Whether you’re just starting out with a new blog or trying to reign in a larger, aging website, these tips will help increase your organic traffic in a scalable, white-hat way. And once the traffic is flowing, I will also touch on some of the best ways to generate revenue from your site.


Podcasting Track

presented by

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

Presented by Dustin Heiner

Anyone can give out free advice but the true coach will get paid for their coaching. You are someone that many others can learn from. Your experiences, successes, and even failures make you an amazing coach. The problem is getting others to know you are the right person they need to coach them to get to where you are. In this session, Dustin Heiner will show you how he went from $0 to $150,000 with his real estate coaching and courses in 1 year and how you can too.

Presented by Steve Stewart

More important than finding new listeners is getting current listeners to act! Visiting your website, buying your course, joining your newsletter… if you can get your listeners to do any of those things then you ARE a successful podcaster. But you hate the thought of selling or pitching — or simply don’t know how to “ask for the sale”. Steve Stewart will show you 5 ways to get your listeners to answer your CTA (Call To Action) without asking while bringing more value through the content of your show.

Presented by Tracey Bissett

Are you scrambling at the last minute to get your podcast episodes completed? • Is your show showing up inconsistently give the randomness of your publishing? • Are you having trouble increasing your subscribers and downloads? If you mentally checked off one or all of these in your head this session, Exactly How to Create 2 Months of Podcast Episodes in 2 days, is for you. In this short, impactful training Tracey Bissett will teach you how to create 2 months of podcast episodes in 2 days. If you are a podcaster who wants to make a big impact with their show and the most of their time in the podcast factory, you do not want to miss this session.

Presented by Danielle Desir

Looking for a creative way to build brand awareness and increase your podcast downloads without spending on ads? Similar to a book tour, being a featured guest on a series of podcasts is a great way to grow your audience, collaborate, promote your products and services, and earn more money. In this session, learn how to successfully pitch podcasters, organize a podcast tour and grow your audience organically.

Presented by Jen Smith

With over 500,000 active podcasts why would anyone choose to listen to yours? Compelling content isn’t enough, you have to invite people into the story with you. In two years Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni grew a podcast they didn’t even want to start to over half a million downloads and created raving fans that virtually grew their podcast for them. In this session you’ll learn the foundations to lay to create an inclusive community, how to foster participation in the early months, and leverage your community for sponsorship opportunities.

Presented by Alex Sanfilippo

Unlock the 6 main secrets for a successful podcast episode blog post! Harness the superpowers of blogging to organically skyrocket your podcast downloads and increase overall audience engagement.

Presented by Jessica Kupferman

Everyone wants to make money with their podcast. And you don’t need a lot of downloads to do it. What you DO need is the answers to sponsor questions like “why is podcasting better than other forms of advertising” and “how will this ad campaign work?” In this session, you’ll learn the answers to those questions as well as: – why you should NEVER send a show description in a sponsor pitch – what questions you should ask THEM – who is responsible for what before, during, and after a sponsor ad and so so much more! Sponsorship is yours for the taking with a little but of know-how and a whole lot of confidence. I’m here to help!

Presented by Ashley Copeland

Interested in taking your skills, life lessons, and money mantras for the world to hear? Are you ready to start a Plutus worthy podcast but have no idea where to start? Ashley Copeland of Stacks and the City podcast will teach you the ins, outs, and in between of EVERYTHING from picking a name to staying consistent. Get a step by step practical checklist of what you need to get started- for less than $150! Stacks and the City podcast has over 25,000 downloads, featured in numerous conferences, and ranked top 200 in money and business on iTunes.

Presented by Ticora Davis

In this session you’ll learn how to secure brand awareness and market share when you get your legal ducks in a row with Attorney Davis’s recommended secret legal weapons. Attendees will walk away with 3 non-negotiable contract provisions to include in their agreements with sponsors and advertisers ESPECIALLY when it comes to protecting their creative content.

Panelists: Rich Jones [Moderator], David and John Auten-Schneider, Farnoosh Torabi, Steve Stewart, Whitney Hansen

Facilitated by podcast veteran, Rich Jones, this fun session will highlight what it’s like and what you need to know to podcast for 5+ years. Attendees will walk away with a range of insights to start and grow their shows.


Video Track

presented by


Vidzuno logo

Presented by Rob Balasabas

In this session, Rob Balasabas will be sharing the 5 Strategies that you can apply to your Youtube Strategy today, to help you earn your first 1000 Subscribers Faster, and Easier. Rob will share his exact checklist that he runs through for every Youtube Video that he creates, from coming with video ideas, to promoting the video. All of the strategies you’ll learn will be building blocks for organic growth on Youtube!

Presented by Nicole Rule

A virtual summit is a way to create raving fans, grow your email list, build relationships in the industry AND produce revenue! Learn the exact process that Nicole Rule of Greatest Worth used to create her first successful virtual summit (The Abundant Life Summit) in September of 2020. She’ll share organization techniques, technology used and even share tips on how to land your dream speakers!

Presented by Michael Damazo

Mike Damazo goes over his process and procedures from start to finish with crafting YouTube videos. He starts with the importance of taking the time and effort in titles and walks you through his thumbnail process. One key takeaway is the learning the ability to win that click with viewers.

Presented by Monique Johnson

Are you ready to increase your visibility with live video so that you can become the trusted person your audience follows and invests in? In this session, you’ll learn how to produce confident, professional, and authentic live video using specific strategies and techniques. We will cover the top ways to promote your live videos to Facebook and how to increase your live video engagement. Monique will share the strategies and techniques to make live video into a powerful evergreen content generator either on its own or through repurposing.
• How to engage with your audience confidently and authentically through live video
• How to level up the professionalism and interactivity of your livestreams
• How to make your live videos evergreen through engagement, repurposing and using in your other content
• How live videos can help you create compelling blog content

Presented by George Pitts

George Pitts is a Serial Entreprenuer, System Engineering Freelancer, Business & Personal Finance coach with an all around skillset to help people monetize their gifts

Presented by Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson, founder of the Budget Girl YouTube channel and, is an OG in the financial vlogger space where she gained a loyal audience cataloging her way out of $33k of debt while single and on a near-poverty line income. Now a financial wellness advocate, real estate investor and multiple income stream master, she’s the poster girl for showing you don’t need a giant income to build an empire. She has 60,000+ subscribers, over 6 million views and an associated social media audience of over 800,000. Sarah is passionate about helping women empower themselves and win with money.

Social Media

Social Media Track

Presented by Shaina Weisinger

With the average attention span maxing out at only 8-seconds, the battle for engagement is more competitive than ever. Shaina Weisinger will cover the exact strategies you need to not only grab your audience’s attention, but get them talking, sharing, and converting. The best part? You can do it all with the content you already have. Learn how to repurpose and share your existing content in optimized ways to significantly increase your engagement and generate more traffic to your funnels. Discover the untapped potential of your content, the secrets to social media algorithms, and the strategies you need to connect with your audience in those lucrative first few seconds. And…do it all with free tools that she’ll teach you to use.

Presented by Michael Delgado

A data-driven content strategy will help you drive more reach and engagement for your brand. In this workshop, you’ll learn about tools and tactics to uncover content themes important to your target audiences. You’ll receive a step-by-step approach to using the research tools to uncover what topics (and upcoming trends) will resonate with your community to help you earn you more traffic, social love and links. More importantly, this course will help you become a thought leader in your niche.

Presented by Monica Louie

Savvy content creators know that the key to success online is a growing and captivated audience. But how can you attract more readers, listeners, and customers on autopilot? By reaching them on the platforms that they hang out on everyday! With more than 2 billion users on Facebook and Instagram growing faster than ever, ads strategist and agency owner Monica Louie will share her best kept Facebook and Instagram ad secrets for content creators! Monica has helped hundreds of six-, seven-, and eight-figure brands profitably capture thousands of clicks and customers with low-cost, high-converting ads. If you want to grow your audience and your business, this session will give you the exact strategies that Monica uses to help her clients and students achieve incredible results. You’ll learn: Why some campaigns work and others are a big waste of money! How to create ads that attract your audience and inspire them to take action Why the platform matters (and which platform will work best for your strategy) How to get started for as little as $5 per day! Plus, Monica will break down the strategies that will lead to more profit and more sales for your blog or online business.

Presented by David Pere

David Pere has been building the Military Millionaire while still an active duty Marine. This session will cover why you need to begin content marketing, how to get started with little (or no) money, how to use each platform, and how much of an impact this can have on your business.

Presented by Jen Ruiz

Did you know TikTok is a valuable source of traffic and leads? Learn how and why you should be using TikTok to market your business. This session will discuss best practices for going viral, video editing tips, an introduction to in-app analytics and strategies to monetize your content. Stop wasting time on platforms that hide your content and start getting traffic, warm leads and sales with a TikTok account.

Presented by Karen Yankovich

Creating, owning, and showcasing your expertise and your personal brand is the one thing that you will always have control over in a business environment that is not always predictable! Learn how to use LinkedIn to position yourself as if you are peers with the most influential people in your industry! You’ll also learn how to build a network of people that brings you a steady stream of profit.

Presented by Julia Menez

Julia Menez will discuss how to get comfortable on camera for Instagram Stories, prepare concise content, and leverage mobile tools. She will discuss how to boost engagement, form connections, and grow your account by leveraging Instagram stories. Key takeaways will include: How to outline your talking points and avoid getting distracted by seeing yourself on screen Should you be using all of the silly filters? How to make lighting work for you. The tools and features you should use to boost your IG Stories game. How to curate the best behind-the-scenes content for your stories. The importance of consistent posting and the IG algorithm. When to promote your IG stories.

Presented by Moris Dieck

Latin American is home to more than 700 million people interested in learning more about their money. As a Mexican native with a community of more than 500,000 people all across Latin America, I will explain the strategies that have worked throughout my different digital platforms–from my podcast in Spotify “Dimes y Billetes (#1 in finance in Mexico) to my short videos in Facebook with more than 20M views. What type of content works best? What format? What delivery? What platforms? Even what wording is right to use. If you’re interested in expanding your message to the Latin community worldwide, you’re in the right place to learn the tips and tricks!

Presented by Allea Grummert

Your email marketing would be 10x more valuable if it was organized and spoke directly to the needs of your email subscribers — but you already know that. You want to optimize how you use your email list, but learning how to master tags and segmentation (so much tech!) has you feeling stuck. In this session, email marketing strategist and copywriter Allea Grummert will tee-up three basic — yet super powerful — ways you can use tags to segment email subscribers. With her conversion-focused strategies, you’ll be able to boost clickthrough rates, pitch high-converting, targeted offers, and keep subscribers happy and opening your emails for years to come.

Presented by Kelly Forst

Having an email list is essential. Sending valuable, personalized content that will leave your audience wanting more is game-changing. In fact, a study by SmarterHQ found that 72% of consumers in 2019 only engaged with marketing messages customized to their interests. Imagine the impact on your bottom line if you could gain insight to your audience to send the right content to the right people and the right time. In this session, email marketing expert Kelly Forst, will walk through how you can send customized content that engages your audience on a deeper level. She will cover tips and tricks for crafting addictive newsletter content with regular frequency, and why conditional content and segmentation are the keys to sending personalized content and building a trusting relationship with your audience. You will walk out of the room with actionable tips to elevate your audience engagement and grow your business the next time you press “send.”

Presented by Julie Broad

Writing a book is one of the best ways to boost your credibility, expand your income, and become known widely as an expert. But, there are already so many books in the finance space. How can you write one that stands out and sells? In this session, you’ll learn the five elements of a marketable book and what to do before you begin writing. Don’t just write a book – write a great book that stands out.

Presented by Angel Marie

Are you having a hard time growing an engaged email list? Do you want better conversion rates and less worry? Join Angel Marie, ConvertKit’s creator educator, in this free online workshop to get the top 10 list building techniques to grow an email list of super fans and future buyers. She’ll show you: 1) Why an email list is critical to your business and how to build one right away. 2) How to avoid the biggest mistakes creators make when trying to build their email list. 3) The top 10 best ways to build an email list of true fans (who will love your work and buy your stuff)

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship

Freelancing / Entrepreneurship Track

Presented by Elizabeth Ralph

It’s no accident that the people around you who have amazing businesses also have amazing skill sets when it comes to communication. But the very thought of “selling” keeps many entrepreneurs stuck for years. In this session, you’ll learn how to sell through connection whether it’s on the phone, video, or in DM. And when you’ve completed this session, you’ll be able to say good-bye to that silly unscrupulous feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when it comes time to ask people for money.

Panelists Barbara O’Neill, Doug Nordman, Jana Lynch, Jen Ruiz, Leisa Peterson, MK Williams

Members of FinCon’s “Authors Helping Authors” Facebook group discuss your questions about the latest publishing options (self, hybrid and traditional), writing productivity tactics, and marketing your book(s). You’ll finish the session with a clear idea of how you want to publish and market your next book.

Presented by Kayla Sloan

Business systems and outsourcing expert, Kayla Sloan, will share tips to help you find, hire, train, and onboard a virtual assistant, even if you’ve never done it before. Find out the common mistakes bloggers and business owners make when they hire their first VA, so you can avoid them. Learn how to take your blog or business to the next level by successfully hiring a VA. Case studies and examples included from the FinCon community.

Presented by JJ Conway

Jack Canfield once said, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Many a creative soul finds themselves so paralyzed by fear that they fail to launch their idea, vision, or product. They are afraid of failure. Of rejection. Sometimes, they’re even afraid of success! Research into fear has come to the surprising conclusion that the more an individual fights fear, the stronger it grows. Rather than fighting fear or attempting to overcome fear with sheer determination or willpower, this workshop equips content creators and entrepreneurs to ride the wave of fear, much like a surfer rides a wave. Each attendee will learn how to harness the energy and power of fear and how to transform this energy into successfully launching their next big idea.

Presented by Kate Horrell

Everyone struggles to find the right balance between their work and their personal life. This year has made it even harder. Having extra people at home during the day, or a client who has suddenly discovered more ways to keep in touch, or making up for lost income. We’re all feeling stretched. In this session, participants will learn how to create a framework for dividing your time, based upon their personal situation, including their interests, needs, and most importantly, values. With hands-on exercises, participants will pin down the things that are most important, and figure out how to delegate, delay, or disregard everything else. Everyone leave with a new perspective on their “to do” list, and a plan for making decisions in the future. More importantly, they’ll have the peace of mind to know that they are making deliberate decisions that align with their unique values.

Presented by Michael Koretzky

What can you learn from an itinerant editor who’s worked for media outlets you’ve never heard of? If you’re a freelancer now or want to be one later, you can learn what NOT to do. Michael Koretzky has spent nearly $1 million hiring freelancers for a Top 100 daily, the nation’s largest jazz magazine, two alternative weeklies and three national websites. Discover the best techniques for never getting hired – or getting quickly fired. Students: Learn how to freelance while still in school, and how this trumps those stupid unpaid internships.

Presented by Rocky Lalvani 

It doesn’t matter how much revenue you generate if you can’t keep a single dollar in profit. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t look at their financial reports! They are not accountants and have no desire to be one. The Profit First System, create by Michael Michalowicz ensures that the business owner is always paid first and the business is profitable. In this session you will learn the key principles to begin ensuring your business’s financial success.

Presented by William Huestis

We will explore some of the issues that arise from transitioning new technologies and platforms. These include general topics as well as specific topics unique to those in the financial community. We will also talk about the transition philosophies and techniques that families use to build generational wealth.

Presented by Sylvia Inks

Are you looking to make more money, save time, and reduce stress in running your own business? You will be given practical steps and solutions that many small business owners wish that someone had told them sooner, saving them from learning the hard and expensive way!

Presented by Nakiea Cook

In this session Freelancers/Entrepreneurs will know the most common legal entities and how they are taxed, popular tax deductions that can be used to lower tax liabilities, knowing what taxes need to be paid and why. Showing up for business is one thing, paying the fee associated with business is another!

Presented by Amanda Berlin

You know you have valuable insight…if only more people knew about you! Once you’ve established your platform, the single most important thing you need to be doing is working on making sure more of the RIGHT people (your ideal readers) know about it. Visibility expert Amanda Berlin has developed a framework for “getting known” based on her 12 years in PR and 8 years working with small businesses and solopreneurs. She will teach you the keys for creating profitable and professional nourishing collaborations, alliances and strategic partnerships. She’ll teach you how to appear on more stages and even how to “create your own stage.” She’ll also give you the behind-the-scenes secrets on how to connect with traditional media to grow your audience and your credibility. You will walk away with an understanding of what type of visibility tactic is right for you and precise guidance on how to take action. Amanda is a former corporate publicity strategist and pitch writer who now uses her powers for good. She and her clients have been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur on Fire, WNYW Fox 5, WGN,, and more, and she’s the host of The Empowered Publicity Podcast.

Presented by Sandy Yong

Always thought about writing a book but don’t know where to start? It can seem intimidating since there are so many personal finance books out there on the market. How can you make yours stand out? Learn from author Sandy Yong who will share a system on how to write a book (within 40 hours), find a publisher that suits your needs, and get massive media attention. Find out how publishing a book can build your credibility, grow your audience and land you paid partnerships with large brands! 


Advisor Track

Panelists: Anna N’Jie-Kante, Dasarte Yarnway, Lule Demmissie

At a time when fintech innovation is making the investing experience easier and more accessible for all, Black financial advisors are adapting to meet the needs of an investor demographic that has dramatically changed. Join Lule Demmissie, President of Ally Invest, in conversation with financial advisors who are leading the charge to meet individual investors where they are – regardless of style, skill level or risk appetite. 

Presented by Chad Chubb

In 2015, he picked a niche. In 2018, he started taking the content side more seriously by adding blog posts addressed to his niche, and adding a flat-fee subscription model to match. By 2019, they went even further by adding YouTube content. By 2020, WealthKeel has become one of the most trusted names in working with Gen X & Gen Y Physicians, which has led to such demand that they have had to implement waitlists for new clients. Choosing a niche and crafting content tailored for them has drastically changed the trajectory of WealthKeel. In this session, they share their journey and trials & tribulations with the FinCon community.

Presented by Chip Munn

Chip Munn has been an advisor for over 20 years and during that time he has tried every conceivable method of growing a practice. As the CEO of Signature Wealth Strategies and the host of the Maximum Advisor Podcast, he’s constantly testing new ways to help advisors amplify their message. He often tries new things as proof of concept for his community of advisors. In mid-2019, he began writing a self-published book and hosting a podcast, The Retirement Remix, based on his experience and retirement stories from his community. Since the book’s release in March 2020, Chip has been featured in Business Insider, Investment News, ThinkAdvisor and Retirement Daily, among others, and has been interviewed on podcasts in five countries. Chip is a big believer that thoughts become things and has used his initial concept as a springboard to promote other concepts on a variety of platforms. This session will give you an actionable plan to create and repurpose content so that you can get noticed and grow your personal brand and advisory business. His success is proof that an advisor from a small town can use content to create a big impact.

Presented by Deborah Meyer

Learn how Deborah L. Meyer, CFP®, CPA/PFS and CEPA, built her advisory firm WorthyNest® from scratch to six-figure revenue within four years. Eschewing the traditional in-person networking model and playing to her strengths, Deb started blogging in late 2016. She’s been a guest contributor to Kiplinger’s Building Wealth Channel since 2017 and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance and CNN Business. Feeling unsatisfied with 1000-word blog posts and yearning to go deeper, Deb self-published her first book Redefining Family Wealth: A Parent’s Guide to Purposeful Living in 2019. Writing is a great way to connect with prospective clients before the initial meeting because they feel like they already know you. In this session, you’ll learn the proven strategies to take your passion for writing and parlay it into a thriving advisory business!

Presented by Dominique Reese

In this session, financial services practitioners will learn how to use their expertise to make money and create impact while serving disadvantaged communities, what products and services are best for this target market and how to measure your impact when serving this market.

Panel: Frazer Rice, Dasarte Yarnway, Michael Policar, and Stephanie Sammons

Hear from four successful advisors on how they used their unique voices, social media and podcasting to establish and elevate their practices.

Presented by Matt Reiner 

For years, analysts have been saying that financial advisors need to evolve in order to be successful, but the largely unchanged landscape of the industry over the last twenty years has shown a reluctance to “fix what’s working” for the average financial advisor. In this session, Matt Reiner will discuss why successful advisors may have been able to maintain the status quo in the past, but why NOW is the most significant time in the history of the industry to evaluate standard practices and be open to evolution. As partner in a $2.8 Billion RIA and managing partner of a smaller RIA for the mass affluent, Reiner has the unique perspective of being both business owner and financial advisor. Matt will discuss how his own firms have evolved in order to be more successful and teach the attendees how to evaluate their own practices to find areas of growth and implement change.

Presented by Deborah Meyer 

Learn how Deborah L. Meyer, CFP®, CPA/PFS and CEPA, built her advisory firm WorthyNest® from scratch to six-figure revenue within four years. Eschewing the traditional in-person networking model and playing to her strengths, Deb started blogging in late 2016. She’s been a guest contributor to Kiplinger’s Building Wealth Channel since 2017 and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance and CNN Business. Feeling unsatisfied with 1000-word blog posts and yearning to go deeper, Deb self-published her first book Redefining Family Wealth: A Parent’s Guide to Purposeful Living in 2019. Writing is a great way to connect with prospective clients before the initial meeting because they feel like they already know you. In this session, you’ll learn the proven strategies to take your passion for writing and parlay it into a thriving advisory business!

Money Conversations

Money Conversations Track

Presented by William Wolf

At Español we focus on providing debt solutions to Hispanics living in the United States and Puerto Rico. We offer educational content explained in simple terms by financial experts. During this talk you will learn the differences between the Hispanic and American markets, Hispanic financial behavior in the U.S., as well as why dedicating financial education for the Hispanic market is important. [Note: This session will be presented in Spanish.]

Panelists: Bill Dwight, Cameron Huddleston, John Lanza, Laura Levine, Robin Taub, Trae Bodge

Becoming money-smart is tough enough for many parents to achieve. If we’re not experts ourselves, how can we possibly raise money-smart kids? Where do we begin? In this panel, we turn to financial experts and fellow parents to explore tips and tactics we can use to armor our kids for battle in the real world. We’ll discuss the current research, but the primary focus will be on what parents can do to make sure their kids leave the nest money-empowered.

Presented by Dara Albright

Most people don’t know this yet, but fintech is about to thwart a retirement-induced economic crisis that would have made the 2008 financial meltdown look like the roaring twenties. As it stands right now, most Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement. According to, 56% of Americans have less than $10K saved and 33% have nothing saved at all. With state and local pension plans failing at alarming rates and the social security system rapidly approaching insolvency, conventional safety nets are becoming progressively more unreliable. This discussion underscores the transformative technologies that are quietly forming the foundation for a superior retirement infrastructure that will fundamentally change how all Americans financially prepare for their future. Anyone who writes about personal finance will not want to miss this session providing a sneak peek into this unfolding, fintech-enabled retirement system that will not only save America from a retirement crisis of epic proportions, it will simultaneously empower economic growth and narrow wealth gaps.

Panelists Dan Murphy, Janine Firpo, Laura Oldanie, Michelle Jackson, Michelle Wigg

More and more people are seeking ways to make environmentally and socially responsible financial decisions. Those investing opportunities that allow people to align their money with their values were until recently primarily available only to the wealthy. In recent years though, the number of Wall Street and “Main Street” impact investment options accessible to the everyday retail investor has grown exponentially. Panelists will share how they are investing, divesting, and managing their money – from cash to stocks to alternatives – to bring about the change they want to see in the world (and may just inspire you to do the same).

Presented Leisa Peterson

Ever wondered if you might be “stuck” when it comes to increasing your money supply? Money is an enabler and amplifier of living the life you choose as long as you have that choice. When you know how to magnetise money into your business, you gain freedom, confidence and get to expand more into who you love being. Join Leisa Peterson, author of The Mindful Millionaire for a lively discussion about how you can use the ancient teachings of the 7 primary chakras to help you magnetize money and create more peace-of-mind in your business. By attending, you’ll learn a powerful framework that will help you uncover and heal your “money blocks” so you can accelerate your impact, earn more money and hit new heights.

Presented Athena Lent

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) may have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization as well as lifelong health and opportunity, including your finances. This discussion will cover what trauma does to your body, your finances, and how you can overcome with evidence-based practices you can start today.

Presented Shane Walker

The key to behavior change is identity change. What people do every day reinforces their identity–good or bad. Habits guide what people do every day. So, if one were to change a person’s identity with money, they must first change a person habits when dealing withThe key to behavior change is identity change. What people do every day reinforces their identity–good or bad. Habits guide what people do every day. So, if one were to change a person’s identity with money, they must first change a person habits when dealing with money. According to world’s expert on behavior change and author of Atomic Habits, James Clear reveals four laws of behavior change: 1. make it obvious, 2. make it attractive, 3.make it easy and 4. make it satisfying. How does one create an environment for money where healthy spending and saving habits are obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying? What are simple, one-time events that lock in positive money habits? Personal finance influencers who help people change financial behavior will achieve success. The greatest measure of success is positive impact on others. Imagine the masses experiencing a healthy relationship with money. Imagine them realizing their unique, true purpose for money.

Presented Ed Coambs

Financial Content creators will be introduced to the scientific study of love known as Attachment Theory and shown how it relates to how people interact in their financial lives. During this session the presenter will share how he has combined his work as both a financial planner and marriage and family therapist to help couples understand why they fight about money and what they can do about it. During this session financial content creators will be given the language, knowledge and skills to communicate with their audiences about how the four different attachment styles impact the way that couples engage around money. Leading to new ways to talk with their audiences about why they struggle to stay on top of their finances and what they can do about it. If your audience struggles with financial anxiety, financial shame, financial fear, financial conflict, staying motivated for their financial goals then this talk will offer you new ways to help. Come learn the four love languages of money.

Presented Tom Schneider

There’s been a growing trend over the last 4-5 years where real estate investors, primarily those located in expensive cities, are looking out of state to find more affordable rental properties with higher returns. In this session, learn more about what’s driving this trend, where investors are putting their dollars, and the data/tools your audience can use to get in on the action

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