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Joe Saul-Sehy is the creator and co-host of the Stacking Benjamins Show, a multimedia community teaching money skills to people via podcast, video, and the written word.

The show has won six Plutus Awards, a Podcasting Academy award, Signal Award, Webby honorable mention, and was called by Kiplinger and Bankrate as Best Personal Finance Podcast.

Joe’s book STACKED (co-written with Emily Guy Birken) was listed by CNN as a must read in 2023.

Rachel Rodgers is the founder of Hello Seven, a multi-million dollar company that teaches diverse entrepreneurs how to earn more money and build wealth, and home of We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club, an online network for professionals that helps members become millionaires, and financially free.

Rachel is also the best-selling  author of We Should All Be Millionaires.

Learn more about Rachel on her website or Instagram.

Rachel and Nathan will be recording an episode live from the main stage at #FinCon23! 

Did you know that the majority of billionaires are self-made? 

For most people, the idea of becoming a billionaire is impossible, an elusive club that only a few are granted access to. But what if that’s actually not the case? What if we told you that your wildest dreams are not only possible, but absolutely attainable?

This is The Billion Dollar Creator. A podcast built to bring you and your business the success you deserve. 

Join Rachel Rodgers and Nathan Barry as they explore business-changing tactics and real-life stories that bridge the gap from a Billion Dollar Idea into a Billion Dollar Business.

Rachel and Nathan will explore both the wild successes and the missed opportunities – from creators who made the decision to graduate their business into something bigger to those who should have made the move (or tried to) and didn’t quite get there.

Learn more about Billion Dollar Creator.

Nathan Barry is the CEO and Founder of ConvertKit, an email marketing solution built specifically for the needs of professional content creators including bloggers, podcasters, online course creators, and more.

He founded ConvertKit in Boise, Idaho in 2013 and has been growing the product ever since.

Learn more about Nathan on his website or follow him on Twitter.

Big Ideas are short, impactful talks presented on the main stage by FinCon community members.

Who will be at #FinCon23?

You’ll find these speakers leading sessions on-site at #FinCon23

You’ll have 75+ sessions to choose from, organized by tracks: Money Conversations, Blogging, Podcasting, Video, Social Media, Revenue Streams, Freelancing & Entrepreneurship, Advisor, & more. Session topics coming soon!

Adam Minsky

Student Loan Attorney & Writer

Adam Yeaton

WA Department of Financial Institutions

Adrienne Taylor

Tailored WealthSaver

Ainjel McDonald

Rare Bird Money

Aja Evans

Financial Therapist

Alaina Fingal

The Organized Money

Alan Corey

Real Estate Maximalist

Alex Divinsky

Ticker Symbol: YOU

Allea Grummert


Allison Baggerly

Inspired Budget

Amy Sochard


Ana Romero Morales

Brewing Dinero

Andrea Deckard


Andrew Fiebert


Andrew Giancola

The Personal Finance Podcast

Ankur Nagpal


Anna Murphy

Girl Let's Talk Money

Annie Logue

The Whatever Years

Anthony Weaver

About That Wallet

Ashley Barnett

Hit Publish

Athena Valentine Lent

Money Smart Latina

Austin Hankwitz

The Rich Habits Podcast

Belinda Rosenblum

Own Your Money

Bernadette Joy

Crush Your Money Goals®

Beth Bean


Bobby Lee

2 Minute Finance

Dr. Brad Klontz


Brenton Harrison

New Money New Problems

Breyanna Nava

Breyanna Nava

Brian Feroldi

Long Term Mindset

Brittany Greene

Crowned Financials LLC

Candace Massari

Fiat Growth

Carl Jensen

Mile High FI

Carly DeFelice

Best Money Class Ever

Carmen Perez

Much App

Caroline Vencil


Chad Chubb

WealthKeel LLC

Chelsea Norton


Chenell Basilio

Growth in Reverse

Chris Browning

Popcorn Finance

Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD

Financial Freedom for Physicians

Chris Steil

The Credit Brothers

Chris Temple


Chuck Jaffe

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

Clifton Corbin


Colleen Salchow

Salchow Coaching, LLC

Crystal Hammond

Stacking Deeds

Dan Hinz

Dan Hinz

Dan Irvin

The Speaker Lab

Dan Rooker

Student Loan Planner

Daniel Shin

The Darwinian Doctor

David C. Barnett

David C. Barnett

David Delisle

The Awesome Stuff™

Diane di Costanzo

Millie magazine / Millie.us

Doug Cunnington

Mile High FI Podcast

Dustin Heiner

Master Passive Income

Ed Coambs

Healthy Love and Money

Elaine Eason

Quiet Light

Elaine Miranda

Plata con Plática

Elle Martinez

Simplify and Enjoy

Ellie Perlman

Blue Lake Capital

Eric Kullberg

Creators Agency

Eric Landblom

Leadership Developed

Eric Rosenberg

Finance Media Experts

Erika Giovanetti

U.S. News & World Report

Fela Davis

One of One Productions

Gabrielle Wallace

Go Natural English

Garit Boothe

Garit Boothe Digital

Gina Zakaria

Saving Whiz

Gauber "Pro" Contessoto


Hassan Thomas


Ishaandeep Rahal

Ishaan Rahal

Jacob Wade

Roadmap Money

James Lowery

Rethink the Rat Race

Jamie I.F.

GetLasso / increasing.com

Jamila Souffrant

Journey To Launch

Jarrai Stephens

Rich Like My Melanin

Jasmine Paul

The Wealth Playground

Jay Clouse

Creator Science

Jay Fleischman

MoneyWise Law

Jay Zigmont

Childfree Wealth

Jen Smith

Frugal Friends Podcast

Jessica Fick

The Fioneers

Jessica Ricci

She's on the Money

Jessica Woodbury

WSJ Buy Side

Jim Wang


Joe Saul-Sehy

Stacking Benjamins

John Eringman


Jon Gay

JAG in Detroit Podcasts

Joshua Steil

The Credit Brothers

Julia Menez

Geobreeze Travel

Julien Saunders

rich & REGULAR

Justin Moore

Creator Wizard

Justin Peters

SimplePod Studios

Justine Nelson

Debt Free Millennials

Kalilah Reynolds

Kalilah Reynolds Media

Kalli Fedusenko

Kalli Collective

Kate Horrell