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The hub of FC23

FinCon Central

FinCon is intentionally designed so that you’d get as much real value from the experience as you can, and FinCon Central is a key part of that. 

You may look at the schedule and think it’s a bit light because when FinCon Central is open, it’s the only thing that’s on the schedule. But trust us–TRUST US–nothing could be further from the truth!

FinCon Central will feature  75+ exhibitors, each with specially-curated offers, partnerships, and products to discuss with you. Many of them have great swag to handout – so leave a little extra room in your suitcase! 

You’ll want to be in FinCon Central as much as possible. Even when you think you’ve perused all the booths, there’s still a ton to do!



All events will take place at the Sheraton New Orleans

Items on the schedule are subject to change.

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