Personal Finance Influencers & Brands Pro Networking ⋆ [FinCon]

Pro Networking at FinCon

What exactly is the Pro Networking?

Pro Networking is an exclusive, three-hour speed networking style event where Pro Pass holders meet with companies and brands who reserve a Pro Networking table.

The goal is to connect Pro Pass level attendees to the companies and brands they want to do business with. The meetings are brief, focused, and scheduled ahead of time-based on acceptance by both parties. Examples of use:

  • Establish content exchange partnerships
  • Evaluate affiliate marketing relationships
  • Discuss sponsorship and advertising opportunities
  • Face-to-face product or service support

How do FinCon attendees earn money from their online platform/content?

All Attendees

  • Affiliate Marketing 58%
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (i.e. Adsense) 42%
  • Services 41%
  • Freelance Writing 40%
  • Sponsored Content 30%
  • Digital Products & Courses 28%
  • Book Sales (Amazon, Kindle, etc.) 26%
  • Speaking 25%
  • Pay Per Impression (i.e. CPM) 24%
  • Freelancing (Other) 16%
  • Sponsored Social 11%
  • Physical Products 10%
  • Endorsement 7%

Pro Pass Holders

  • Affiliate Marketing 55%
  • Services 53%
  • Freelance Writing 48%
  • Book Sales (Amazon, Kindle, etc.) 43%
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (i.e. Adsense) 38%
  • Speaking 38%
  • Sponsored Content 38%
  • Pay Per Impression (i.e. CPM) 28%
  • Digital Products & Courses 25%
  • Freelancing (Other) 20%
  • Endorsement 10%
  • Sponsored Social 10%
  • Physical Products 5%

What companies will be participating in the Pro Networking?

We expect to have well over 95 brands (in financial and new media services) represented.

What attendees will be participating in the Pro Networking?

Only attendees that have purchased the FinCon Pro Pass.

How is the Pro Networking organized?

[IMPORTANT!] Before the conference: Pro Pass level attendees must sign up with the online meeting scheduler, and request and book their meetings. Companies participating will also need to signup with the online meeting scheduler, and can also request and book meetings. Ideally, each Pro Pass attendee and each company will have 8 to 12 meetings scheduled before arriving. The online meeting scheduler will be accessible weeks prior to FinCon.

At the conference: Companies participating in Pro Networking will sit at tables in a spacious conference room. The on-site coordinator will announce that the 1st meeting time slot is beginning. Pro Pass level attendees that have scheduled meetings in this 1st-time slot will locate the correct company table and begin their meeting with the representatives onsite. After 15 mins, the coordinator will announce that it’s time for the 2nd time slot. Pro Pass level attendees will then have a minute to make their way to the next table and begin their next meeting. This will continue until Pro Networking ends.

How is this more advantageous than setting up meetups with individual companies throughout the conference?

Two main reasons:

  1. Convenience – With Pro Networking you get your business done over a focused window of time…eight to ten meetings and you’re then free to enjoy the rest of the conference without worrying about scheduling meetings and missing out on anything.
  2. Access – Pro Networking participants get pre-conference access to an exclusive online meeting scheduler where they can meet, vet, and connect with the other participants interested in doing business.

Am I really important enough for some of these companies to want to network with me?

Yes! Size or age doesn’t matter as much as relevance and professionalism. Example: If you’re an upstart podcast covering financial independence, you’re going to be really attractive to a startup company focused on investing. Especially if you present yourself well. Pro Networking will give you a chance to do that.

Keep in mind also, that Pro Networking includes both financial service companies (e.g. Credit Karma, USAA) and media service companies (e.g., ConvertKit). Therefore, part of the reason to participate might be to talk to the companies that you use to run your business.

Is it really worth it for me to pay more for that pass just to network with these companies?

You should be able to determine that based on your own goals. For example, if you’re a hobbyist, just getting started, if you primarily offer your own products and services, and/or if you don’t use any new media products or services to run your online business, then the Pro Networking probably isn’t for you.

If on the other hand, you are looking to grow the business side of what it is you do online, then a seat at these tables is going to go a long way toward helping you find the people that can help you achieve your goals.

With all these people in one room, am I really going to be able to get a good conversation in with someone?

The room will be spacious and each table will be far enough away to ensure that a quality conversation can be had.

Should I bring anything with me to the Pro Networking?

It’s a good idea to bring a business card, your site’s rate sheet or press kit, and anything else relevant to showcase what you can offer.

What have people said about Pro Networking?

I really liked the Pro pass last year – and so did everyone else I talked to. You get really quality, yet high-speed (read: efficient) networking with 10-12 brands. It’s a great and easy way to see if there might be a fit without over-investing your time. Plus, there is a separate mixer for everyone who is part of the pro pass track and that was great for me last year just to connect with some blogger friends who were busy/booked up during the remainder of FinCon. I’d definitely recommend it. – Carrie Rocha, Pocket Your Dollars

I didn’t talk to anyone who didn’t think it was worth it. And the separate mixer was not only fun, but very productive for me. – Beverly Harzog,

The networking is a great way to learn more about the brands and share some information about yourself or your work. And it’s much easier to do in a one on one environment as opposed to the expo hall, which can get a little crowded and loud.

The mixer was a nice way to meet with some current friends and meet new folks, especially some of the speakers, who might be harder to reach during the rest of the event.

Also, those connections all happen at the beginning of the event, making it easier to launch into further networking throughout – for example, getting invited to happy hours, after parties, or just hanging out wherever. For me, it’s worth the added cost. I look at it as an investment in time and access. – Ryan Guina, The Military Wallet

What I like about it is that it provides a devoted time to meet with some of the brands I have an interest in. …having the one on one environment makes it much easier to have conversations that are beneficial for both parties. Personally speaking, it was well worth the added cost as it provides a solid return. – John P. Schmoll, Frugal Rules

We are very excited and I’ve already made eight appointments with people in media and print whom I’ve known over the years, but finally get to meet in person! – Ellie Kay

I wanted to tell you both that the Pro Networking program for FinCon has been great. I’ve booked many more meetings than I did last year and it is so simple. Thanks for offering it to attendees. – Katherine Buck,

The Fincon Pro “speed dating” of companies was really good. Came away with a good lead or two from each company. Far surpassed my expectations. – Lazy Man and Money

Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2020 • Long Beach, CA