The YouTuber's Guide to FinCon 2019 ⋆ [FinCon]

The YouTuber’s Guide to FinCon

Every year, more and more YouTubers attend FinCon. This year is no exception. As video has grown within the community, we’re now providing a video-specific track in order to adequately cover the ins and outs of video creation and marketing. In addition to educational talks about growing your YouTube channel, we’ve also scheduled lots of other opportunities specifically for YouTubers, such as our on-site Video Booths and mentoring.

The event is jam-packed, and we want to make sure you get the biggest benefit possible from your experience, so we created this YouTuber’s Guide to FinCon to help you navigate the event for video-specific opportunities.

Check out these 9 things to help YouTubers make the most of FinCon:

1. Make Focused Goals

A lot of people approach FinCon as an opportunity to socialize and meet people. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that plan. FinCon is definitely focused on fun.

In addition to that general intention, though, make it a point to focus your goals before FinCon. Set a number of contacts you’d like to make, sponsors you’d like to reach out to, and more. By setting focused goals, you’re sure to get something out of FinCon.

2. Meet Potential Sponsors or Partners for Your Channel

We’ll have over 100 partnering companies at FinCon that could potentially become sponsors and partners for you and your channel. These companies come to our event specifically to talk to you. Make a point to meet each brand in FinCon Central (the expo hall). You never know who might be a good fit for you to promote to your audience.

Even just meeting the people who are on the brand’s team is important. This provides a chance to make personal connections with sponsors or partners. If you don’t land a sponsorship right away, making these connections in person can still grow your relationship in ways that email cannot. In fact, FinConners who meet with our partnering sponsors leave with relationships that lead to an immediate ROI on their FinCon investment.

As video continues to dominate online consumer engagement, brands are looking to partner with YouTubers to help spread their message. Even if you aren’t solely on YouTube, sponsors are excited to include video content in their campaigns. Don’t miss out on these key networking opportunities that can help you get paid for doing the work you love.

3. Record a Video for Your Channel Live at the Video Booth

We set up the camera, the mics, the lights, and a great backdrop to record a video for your channel LIVE at the conference. All you have to do is show up to the video booth with a 16gb SD card and start recording!

Spots are limited, so make sure you plan ahead and check the schedule in the FinCon YouTube Facebook Group to reserve your space.

4. Join the FinCon YouTuber’s Facebook Group

Money Nerd YouTubers UNITE! There are some great YouTube-focused groups on Facebook, but none are as niche as the FinCon YouTubers Group. This Facebook group is a great way to connect—both before and after the event—with other FinConners dedicated to video production.

This group started after #FinCon17 and has turned into a tight-knit community of personal finance video content creators collaborating to grow together. They cover everything from the lenses you should buy to the latest YouTube algorithm details. Even if you haven’t set up your channel yet, this is the perfect place to ask questions and figure out how to get started.

Join the community and get your questions answered by people just like you.

5. Get Inspired by Big-Name YouTubers

We’ve got some fantastic YouTubers coming to FinCon. In the past, we’ve had YouTube stars like Rachel Cruze, Chelsea Fagan, Roberto Blake, Jordan Page, and Tim Schmoyer. Be sure to check out this year’s schedule to see who is stopping by and what talks are being offered.

Another tip is to remember that it is much easier to make connections with these big name YouTubers in person. While you might not be able to set up an interview via email, most people at FinCon are more than happy to give a few minutes of their time during the event. Don’t be afraid to speak up and connect.

To see the full schedule, download the event app in the app store or find it on the website here.

6. Attend Sessions About Video Marketing and Growing a YouTube Channel

We have an entire track of breakout sessions dedicated to video production and marketing. Learn from experts on the Video Track, who will cover topics like getting started, growing your channel, and monetizing.

If you can’t wait until FinCon to get your YouTube strategy going, check out this podcast with Joseph Hogue on ways to grow affiliates and sponsorships with your channel.

7. Use the FinCon App to Coordinate With Other YouTubers About Meetups

Inside the FinCon app, you’ll find the complete schedule where you can star specific sessions and events you’d like to attend. But more importantly, you can connect with other attendees. If there’s another YouTuber at the event that you would like to collaborate with or even just meet in real life, the app is the easiest way to find his or her information. You can add a tag to your profile that lets other YouTubers know you’re interested in video. This app tag lets you easily connect with other video creators at the conference.

The FinCon app will be available in mid-July.  Just open the app store, and search for “FinCon.”

The value of FinCon truly is in the community. Make a point to build at least two friendships with other YouTubers while you’re here, and you’ll be sure to find value beyond the conference.

8. Hire Help or Get Hired

Perhaps you are looking for an editor for your YouTube channel or maybe you want to offer your video skills as a freelancer. FinCon is the perfect place to do both of these things. In fact, there’s the Freelancer Marketplace, which is a dedicated time for freelancers to connect with brands and businesses.

In addition to the Freelancer Marketplace, you’re able to connect with freelancers or as a freelancer any time you interact with someone. Make sure that you have a business card or keep your phone with you to store contact information. If you cross paths with someone who you’d like to talk with, make an appointment to catch up with them later in the conference. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or offer your services to help other YouTubers.

9. Meet with a Video Mentor through One-On-One Mentoring

Get paired with seasoned video creators who will keep you from reinventing the wheel when it comes to producing video content. Go to lunch with them and learn from their mistakes and successes as you discuss the goals of your channel with someone who has been where you are.

Sign up for one-on-one time with a mentor by checking a box in your registration for mentoring, or you can look for an email to sign up later in the summer. Simply fill out the form, and we’ll pair you with a speaker or more advanced FinConner.

You and your mentor will be paired via email before the event. You can find a mutually agreed upon time to meet together where you’ll be able to ask them questions, glean from their wisdom, and solicit advice for your own business, blog, or brand.

This mentoring session is free and included in your ticket, so don’t miss this opportunity to talk to and learn from someone in the community who has a little more experience than you!

To hear more about these tips for first timers, tune into episode 86 of the Money & Media podcast, where FinCon YouTube Community Leader Joseph Hogue shares insights on making the most of FinCon as a video content creator.

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Philip Taylor

Philip Taylor



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    Excellent advice as always FinCon! I’m planning on recording more candid interviews in DC this year. That was one of my favorite parts … I was able to connect with so many people and create an awesome podcast episode out of it!