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The Brand’s Guide to FinCon

One of the questions we get from brands the most is about making the most of their time at FinCon. There are so many beneficial ways to capitalize on your time. It can be a little overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time representing your company at FinCon.

So we put together this guide of 11 things that might be helpful to think through before your plane touches down.

1. Book Meetings Before You Leave

Most sponsorships come with a Pro Networking table. This 2-hour speed networking event on Thursday morning is a sponsor favorite, as it allows you to come to the event with 12-24 one-on-one appointments already booked. We send out invitations to Meeting Mojo, our meeting scheduling software, in late summer so brands can start connecting with Pro Pass holders and setting up those appointments.

The speed networking portion is followed by a lunch event where you can invite influencers to have lunch with you and up to 2 other brand reps at your table. You’ll connect with those influencers in advance of the event and invite them in Meeting Mojo. Lunch is on us; you just show up and bring the conversation.

Not a sponsor yet and want to get in on the Pro Networking event? Register here.

2. Attend the Speaker/Pro Mixer

The Pro Networking sponsorship also comes with invitations for your team to attend the Speaker/Pro Mixer on Thursday evening. All speakers, sponsors, and Pro Pass holders are invited to attend so if there’s anyone you wanted to connect with during the Pro Networking event but did not get to, then the Mixer is a great opportunity to do so.

3. Showcase Your Offer

How can you tell all of the FinCon attendees about your brand’s latest initiative or some new product you’re launching? Showcase your offer in a booth at FinCon Central. We’ll have over 120 booths and we’ve sold out for the last few years. All 10’x10’ booths come with 2 passes and a Pro Networking table.

But even if you decide to not get a booth, there are options like a welcome bag insert where you can place swag or an offer from your brand.

Pro Tip: FinCon is famous for good swag, so bring your A game! And if you do add something to
the welcome bag, try to not add another sheet of paper or postcard. You want to stand out!


For more info on booth pricing as well as other remaining sponsorship options, check out our Sponsor Deck.

4. FinCon Central

Not convinced you need a presence at FinCon Central? For starters, here’s a list of current sponsors. But also, FinCon Central isn’t just a boring expo hall set off down a hall somewhere.

For 1/2 a day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it’s the hub of all we do. That means we have content areas within the space, live podcasting going on at our podcasting stage, live video being produced at our video booths, a lounge area with roundtable speakers and niche meetups—not to mention over 110 booths. It’s a hopping, high-energy space, business deals are taking place, and it’s a great way to get your message out to attendees.

5. Make a Plan for Collecting Emails

It’s important to come to FinCon with a plan, especially if you have a booth and/or a Pro Networking table. But the biggest question might very well be: How are you going to collect email addresses? Unfortunately, we can’t give you contact info on attendees, so it’s up to you to determine how you’re going to keep up with all the people you met and want to connect with when you return home.

If attendees stop by your booth, do you have an email capture plan? Are you doing a giveaway? Are you asking for email in return for swag? If you don’t have a booth, you still need a plan. It can get overwhelming quickly! Make the most of your time and have this nailed down before you leave home.

6. Find YOUR Influencers

What about the attendees that you’re working with already? FinCon is a great time to reconnect with them and continue to solidify existing partnerships. Reach out to your current influencers via Meeting Mojo (Pro Networking tables only) or the event app (you can download it and log in after you have registered for your pass).

Also, find new potential influencer partnerships by filtering the app based on niches. We’ve encouraged attendees to add tags to their profile that will help identify their particular niches. Look for the tags that fit into areas that you work with and reach out to them via the app.

7. Treat Your VIPs

If you want to host a dinner, happy hour, or event in conjunction with FinCon for any of your VIP clients or potential partners, you can get a dinner/event sponsorship. We offer a limited number of these in order to protect the integrity of the event and the schedule but once you’ve secured the sponsorship, it’s your event and you’re free to host it wherever you want and invite as many (or as few!) as your budget allows.

If you’re interested in a dinner or event sponsorship, email us at [Be sure to read our policies about suitcasing and outboarding.]

8. Create Content on Site

We love it when attendees and brands create content on site at FinCon. You’re welcome to use your booth to record podcasts or conduct video interviews. You’re also welcome to have a mobile set up roaming around the event and recording in the hallways. Just keep in mind if it’s a mobile setup, it truly needs to be “mobile.” No lighting kits or anything that requires power or a stationery setup. Gotta keep the hallways clear!

Here are some past examples:

Cheddar conducted interviews in the Ally booth last year like this one with Talaat and Tai McNeely from His and Her Money.

Experian did man-on-the-street style interviews with community members and posted it on their Facebook page.

9. #FinCon19 Hashtag

People often ask us what tools are available to get your message out to attendees. While sponsorships are certainly an option, feel free to also use the official #FinCon19 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. The closer we get to the event, the more and more it will be used.

10. Informal Dress

We love our t-shirts and jeans in the FinCon Community, so don’t feel like you need to dress in business attire. We’re a relaxed crew. You’re more than welcome to wear the coat and tie or heels, but don’t feel like you need to. Save that for when you return to the office the next week!

11. Don’t Dismiss Saturday!

A lot of brands check out after FinCon Central ends on Friday because they want to get home or because they think FinCon is winding down, but that could not be farther from the truth. Saturday is a full content day and there’s still a ton going on–breakout sessions, FinCon Solutions Center, mentoring, our final keynote, and our fun Closing Party.

The biggest Pro Tip we can offer is that since a lot of brands do leave on Friday, there are a lot of influencers available for good conversations for those who stick around. So extend the hotel reservation and book the flight home for Sunday and see if Saturday doesn’t pay off in enough partnerships and networking conversations to cover that extra night.

Ready to take action?: View sponsor/exhibitor information and become a sponsor today.


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Jessica Bufkin

Jessica Bufkin

Jessica is the interim CEO of FinCon.