40 Best Financial Affiliate Programs

Earning money with affiliate marketing often sounds like the best of both worlds. You get to monetize your blog and earn passive income while also connecting your audience with helpful and quality resources. Win-win! If you run a personal finance blog, you can monetize it with financial affiliate programs that also help your readers reach their money goals.

Your affiliate marketing strategy is only as good as the programs you choose and whether those programs are geared toward your audience and their needs. Luckily, there are plenty of affiliate programs to go around for personal finance bloggers. We’ve rounded up some of the best affiliate marketing tips along with the top personal finance affiliate programs to choose from. But first, let’s clarify how affiliate networks work and differ from an actual affiliate program.

best finance affiliate programs

Affiliate Programs vs. Affiliate Networks

As a blogger, you might have heard the term ‘affiliate network’ before. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between an affiliate network and an affiliate program, you’re not alone. It’s easy to use the two interchangeably, but an affiliate network is usually an online platform that can connect you with tons of affiliate marketing opportunities.

Some popular affiliate networks include sites like:

CJ Affiliate




While some companies and brands operate their own affiliate programs, affiliate networks serve as an online marketplace where you can find and apply for a variety of affiliate programs (across different niches) all in one place. It’s free to sign up for an affiliate network, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re approved for any affiliate programs. You still need to:

• Apply for a specific affiliate program.

• Get approved.

• Read the guidelines so you can promote the product or service.

• Then hopefully start making money! (Check out these advanced affiliate marketing strategies)

Some of the financial affiliate programs below can be found on popular affiliate networks while others are independently run through the specific company. Either way, these are high-quality affiliate programs that you’ll want to consider.


Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Banking

CIT Bank

CIT Bank has been around since 1908 and they’re based in Southern California. However, a lot of people use their online banking products which include checking, saving, CDs, money markets, and loans.

What makes CIT Bank a solid bank to promote is its high-yield accounts. Right now their affiliate program is run through CJ Affiliate. You earn $100 when someone applies to open an account and gets approved.


BBVA is an FDIC-insured bank offering everything from personal banking to small business and corporate banking products. They have an award-winning mobile banking app and an affiliate program where you can earn $85 per each person you refer that completes an application for a money market account, free checking account, or a clear connect application. Apply for their affiliate program through CJ Affiliate here.


Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Budgeting and Saving


YNAB stands for You Need a Budget and this budgeting software is just $84 for the year or $11.99 per month. This program helps you track your income and budget for expenses using the zero-sum budgeting method. Every dollar gets put to use and YNAB is geared toward helping users break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

As an affiliate, you can promote this tool to people who are looking for a better way to manage their household finances and plan for future expenses. Users can try it free for 34 days then they will be prompted to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. YNAB is also free for college students.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital has a lot of free features for anyone looking to track their cash flow and net worth. You can connect all your financial accounts to monitor all your bills, debt, income, and investments in one place.

Personal Capital does offer some paid features for investors who are looking for advisor and management services. They have an affiliate program through that pays a commission per lead. Learn more about their affiliate program here.

Tiller Money

Tiller makes it easy to create a customized budget spreadsheet, fast. They link to your bank account and Google Sheets to generate a realistic budget while also tracking your transactions.

Tiller’s affiliate program is currently through Awin, and they provide a one-time $25 commission for each person who signs up and successfully begins a paid subscription. All new Tiller customers start with a 30-day trial, so you’ll be paid if they continue after the trial. Cookies last for 30 days when promoting Tiller. Learn more and apply here.


Digit helps people save $2,500 per year on average. The app connects to your checking account and studies your spending. Digit makes small but regular transfers from your checking account to a savings account automatically. Most people hardly notice the money leave their account.

Users get a free 30-day trial with Digit. Then they’ll get charged $5 per month. Sign up for Digit’s affiliate program through FlexOffers here.


FamZoo is a prepaid card and financial education app for kids. Parents can transfer money instantly between family debit cards and teach their children good saving and money management habits. FamZoo’s affiliate program is run through Shareasale. FamZoo pays $0.05 for each free trial (which lasts 30 days) and 25% of every subscription payment. Sign up for FamZoo’s affiliate program through Shareasale here.


HoneyMoney is an expense tracker and planner that is also an app. Users enter their expense, income, and transfers manually every 2-3 days. You can also create digital envelopes to help you set goals for your money, but HoneyMoney doesn’t force you into creating a restrictive budget. As an affiliate, you’d earn $15 if you refer a customer to an annual plan (annual plans only cost $50). Learn more and sign up here.


Trim helps you save money by negotiating for a lower rate on your bills and canceling unused subscriptions. Trim also offers a new high-yield savings account where you can earn a 4% annualized bonus on your first $2,000. Their affiliate program is run through HasOffers and they pay around $6 per signup. Apply here.


Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Credit Scores


You’ve probably heard of CreditKarma before. It’s a free tool that can help you track your credit score. CreditKarma is currently accepting affiliates through Impact Radius. Payouts start a $2 per sign up and your referral window is 30 days.

This means if someone clicks on your link but doesn’t sign up right away, you can still earn a commission is they sign up within 30 days. Sign up for this affiliate program here.


CreditSesame is similar to CreditKarma so it may make sense to sign up for both affiliate programs to give your audience more options. CreditSesame’s affiliate program pays a flat rate per sign-up ($3 – $6+ on average). Expect to start with a lower rate when you initially sign up, but consider negotiating with your affiliate manager for an increase over time as you get more conversions. You can sign up for CreditSesame’s affiliate program through HasOffers here.


CreditRepair.com provides credit education, free credit scores, and paid credit repair services. Their method is to challenge questionable items on your credit report, dispute incorrect information on your report, then monitor your credit over time.

Their affiliate program is through Progexion and they offer a 365-day cookie which is pretty good. This means, if someone ever clicks on your link, they can sign up any time over the next 12 months and you’ll still earn a commission.

This affiliate program will compensate you whenever someone enrolls with CreditRepair.com and pays the required first work fee within 15 days. Affiliates are paid based on a tiered system according to the volume of conversions they earn. To learn more and sign up as an affiliate, click here.

Self Financial

Self Financial helps people rebuild credit with a credit builder loan. Loan payments start at just $25 and each payment goes into a CD and builds positive credit history. At the end of the repayment term, you get to unlock the funds in your CD (minus fees and interest). Self Financial pays out a flat CPA of $10/credit builder account and referral cookies last up to 30 days. Learn more and apply for the affiliate program here.


LifeLock is an identity theft prevention site that blocks over 7 million threats on average each day. They offer a commission each time you refer a new member to sign up for their services. Their affiliate program is run through CJ Affiliate or you can email them at Affiliates@LifeLock.com.


Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Debt Reduction/Saving

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief is a debt relief and credit card consolidation company. They have an affiliate program where you can earn $27.50 per qualified free debt relief quote request. Qualified leads should come from any U.S. state except the following: CT KS ME NH OR SC VT WV. Learn more and apply here.


SoFi is known for its student loan refinancing services but they also offer personal loans, home loans, and investment options. Their affiliate program is through CJ Affiliate and you can earn $100 for every personal loan referral and $150 for each student loan refinance referral.

Referral cookies last up to 30 days. Apply for SoFi’s affiliate program here.


Ibotta is a cashback app that allows you to earn rebates for online and in-store shopping. Ibotta’s affiliate program is run through Impact Radius and pays you $2 for each person you refer to sign up. Your referral period is only 1 day so people will need to sign up as soon as they click your link so you can earn a commission. Sign up for Ibotta’s affiliate program here.


Billcutterz helps you negotiate to lower your monthly bills to save you time and money. They have an affiliate program with tiered commission rates starting at 5% of revenue from each referred customer. Learn more and sign up here.

Ohm Connect

Ohm Connect can help you readers get paid to save energy at home. This service is limited to people who live in California, Texas, or Toronto, Canada. Their affiliate program is run through AdBloom and pays $15 per user signup. To become an affiliate join Adbloom or email talk@ohmconnect.com.

Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Insurance


Bestow offers free quotes for life insurance and makes it easier for people to connect with a life insurance provider and policy that meets their needs. Bestow’s affiliate program is run through Impact and pays $50 per sign up and the referral window is 30 days. Learn more and apply to become an affiliate here.


Ladder is another site that helps you find easy and affordable life insurance options. Their affiliate program is also run through Impact and you can earn $75 per sign up with a referral window of 30 days. Learn more about their terms and sign up here.

Policy Genius

PolicyGenius can handle all your life, auto, pet, homeowners, and disability insurance needs. Their affiliate program is through HasOffers and you can earn different commission levels based on which products you promote. One blogger reported earning:

• $40 per disability insurance sign-up

• $20 per homeowner’s insurance sign-up

• $13 for renter’s insurance sign-up

• $100 per life insurance sign-up

Apply for PolicyGenius’ affiliate program here.


Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Investing

Ally Invest

Ally Invest provides portfolio management and self-directed trading options for investors. The managed portfolio option operates similarly to a robo-advisor where you’d put money in and Ally would invest it on your behalf. If your readers are looking for a simple investing option on a user-friendly platform, consider promoting Ally’s affiliate program.

Right now they pay $25 per lead and $50 each time someone sets up a new direct trading account. The referral window is 45 days. Apply through CJ Affiliate here.

Peer Street

Peer Street is a real estate peer investing platform and you can get started with as little as $1,000. If you talk about real estate and/or investing on your blog, this affiliate program might be a great fit for your audience.

Earn $30 for every lead you refer to sign up with Peer Street. There’s a referral window of 45 days and you can apply through CJ Affiliate here.


Acorns is an app that helps you invest your spare change over time. They have a refer-a-friend program where you can earn money for inviting friends. A $5 bonus goes to your referral when they sign up. As an affiliate, your commissions are paid based on a tiered system. For example, right now Acorns is offering to pay $500 if you get 5 friends to sign up.

Acorns may have an affiliate program as well through a platform called Perform. Feel free to reach out to them as well by emailing acorns@performcb.com.

Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar allows account holders to invest in any asset class allowed by the IRS. Users can pen a self-directed solo IRA or a self-directed solo 401(k) and get tons of benefits like management support, free wire transfer, and yearly reporting assistance.

Earn a 15% sale price commission whenever you refer someone to open an account. Sign up here.


Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Loans


Prosper is a peer lending site where consumers can borrow money or lend money to a borrower and earn interest on the loan. Historical returns on Prosper average 5.1%. Prosper allows you to earn a variable commission as an affiliate if you refer a borrower or an investor. Apply for their affiliate program here.


Even Financial has been around since 2015 and they provide personal loans for up to $100,000 with APRs as low as 4.99%. Earn $125 for each person you refer who applies and gets a loan funded. Apply for their affiliate program through CJ Affiliate here.


NextSeed allows you to invest in small local businesses through what’s called debt investments. This means your contribution would fund a short to middle-term loan that the business can repay for up to 6 years. Your investment plus interest comes back to you as the business repays the loan. NextSeed’s affiliate program pays $50 to $70 per sign up and the referral window is 45 days. You can sign up through CJ Affiliate here.

Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Side Hustles


VIPKid pays you to teach English to students in other countries. With their affiliate program VIPKid will pay you a flat rate per referral who successfully completes the application and screening process. Learn more and apply here.

Survey Junkie

There are many paid survey sites out there, but Survey Junkie is one of the best. They pay users cash per survey and are always welcoming new affiliates. There’s not much information available on their affiliate program online before you apply, but other bloggers report they’ve paid $2+ per sign up. Learn more about Survey Junkie’s affiliate program and sign up here.

Transcribe Anywhere

Transcribe Anywhere is a course that teaches people how to become a work from home transcriptionist. Affiliates earn 20% of each sale they help generate through their link. You can promote the general transcription course, the legal transcription course, or both. Learn more and sign up here.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

If any of your readers want to earn a part-time or even full-time income from affiliate marketing, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a must. This course will teach you different strategies to build your affiliate income. You do have to take the course first because you can apply to be an affiliate. However, as a blogger, this course will provide a lot of value to you as well.


If you’ve ever stayed in an Airbnb, you probably know how profitable of a side hustle it can be for the right person. Airbnb has an affiliate program where you can refer others to sign up as hosts and commission when they do. They don’t mention actual conversion rates but you can learn more and apply here to find out more details.


Fiverr provides one of the easiest ways for people to promote and sell their services online. People go to Fiverr for everything from logo and web design to editing and creative services. Fiverr’s affiliate program commission structure is tiered and will pay around $15 to $50 per referral but up to $150 per referral to all Fiverr pro services. Learn more and apply here.


Best Financial Affiliate Programs – Small Biz

Deluxe Business Services

Deluxe Business Services offers payroll, logo design, and company formation services along with many other features. Their affiliate program is through Shareasale and pays up to 30% commission. The referral window is 60 days and they have a lot of small business products and services to promote. Apply here.


You’ve probably heard of GoDaddy before. They sell domain names, hosting plans, and much more. Sign up through CJ Affiliate and place banner ads on your site to promote GoDaddy. You’ll earn a 10% commission for each sale and $2 per signup for their free trial. Apply here.


Bluehost is a leading web hosting company that offers affordable hosting packages. Their affiliate program pays you a starting rate of $65 for each referral you have that signs up for web hosting. Learn more and sign up here.


Freshbooks is a cloud accounting program that can help you track your time and expenses as well as send invoices. Their affiliate program pays upwards of $10 per free trial, plus up to $200 per paid subscriber for qualifying transactions. They have an extended referral window of 120 days. Sign up for the affiliate program through Shareasale here.


ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that many bloggers and business owners use. Since users pay a monthly subscription, affiliates can earn recurring monthly revenue. Affiliates earn a 30% commission per referral each month as long as that user has an active ConvertKit subscription. Learn more and join their affiliate program here.

There you have it – 40 of the best affiliate programs for financial bloggers. Many of these programs are quick and easy to sign up for and have few (if any requirements). That means you can apply, get approved, and start promoting your favorite affiliates and earning money ASAP. Learn more about how to start successfully promoting affiliates here.

Did we miss anything with this list? What are your favorite financial affiliate programs?


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  • Embroker connects small business owners with business insurance. The program on ShareASale pays $250 commission.

  • Retirement budget calculator.com is a great retirement planning calculator that offers an affiliate program.

  • SmartMoneyMamas Emergency Binder is a terrific product and pays a decent commission.
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