Announcing FinCon Masters, an Advanced-Level Event

We’re thrilled to announce FinCon Masters, an evening event we will be bringing to New York, San Francisco, and London in 2017!

For years we’ve heard two big pieces of feedback from the FinCon Community:

First, ‘FinConners’ want the experience of the main event to continue throughout the year. We love the idea but we were never going to splinter the community by creating an East Coast vs West Coast thing. So we knew this second event needed to be different – niche.

Second, ‘FinConners’ want more advanced-level sessions from their peers – content they can’t get anywhere else. It’s a challenge for us to do this consistently with the big event, as it’s open to all levels and growing rapidly.

Therefore, we decided to bring the two excellent ideas together and create a second, exclusive event that serves our advanced-level (or soon-to-be advanced level) attendees. FinCon Masters was born!

We hope that FinCon Masters can one day become a full day long experience or even an on-going mastermind experience. But for this initial event, we’ve decided to focus on one, excellent evening.

Will you join us for this exciting new exclusive networking and learning experience?

We have a limited number of seats for each event.

Learn more and reserve your spot!


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  • That\’s a great idea! I just started my blog two months ago but hope to be at FinCon one day. I can\’t make it this year, but next year is a possibility! =)

    • Philip Taylor

      That’s great. You should apply for a scholarship.