It’s Time to #Ignite #FinCon16 – Event (and After-Party) Details

Editor’s note: here’s a quick message from FinCon Ignite organizer, Eric Rosenberg.

Join us this Friday at 7:00 pm for Ignite FinCon!

I am excited to bring this fun, exciting event back for its fifth year. Always a crowd favorite, Ignite FinCon features a series of 10 speakers who each get five minutes on stage, but it isn’t your regular old speaking event. There are rules!

Talks are exactly 5 minutes

Each speaker has 20 slides… that run on a 15-second auto-advance
Ignite FinCon features a series of speakers who get 5 minutes to share a topic that is entertaining, educational, or inspiring. The five-minute talks are called a “Spark.” Spark, Ignite, get it?

Think of it like Ted Talks on speed. If you don’t like the speaker or the topic, just wait four minutes and the next one will be up on stage! This year’s topics and speakers are fantastic, and thanks to our wonderful sponsor Centsai, this year’s Ignite is taking place in an underground nightclub in San Diego’s famed Gaslamp District!

But wait, there’s more!

We can’t hang out in a nightclub without a party! Thanks to Phillip Taylor, everyone can stick around with their FinCon friends for an exclusive after party featuring Klingande all the way from France!

It all starts at 7:00 pm on Friday night. There are 500 seats, so get there on time to grab your seat, a free drink thanks to Centsai, and get settled in for FinCon’s most fun event!

Learn more about Ignite FinCon at the official Ignite FinCon website.

It’s happening at Bassmnt – 919 Fourth Ave #100. No RSVP required, just bring your badge to get in the door. See you there!

Eric Rosenberg
Personal Profitability


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