The Six Degrees of FinCon

There is a theory that everyone on Earth is connected to everyone else within six degrees of separation.

While you might find it difficult to believe that only six relationships separate you from an introduction to Warren Buffett, J.K. Rowling, or Barack Obama, within our smaller world of finance blogging, we are certainly interconnected. The annual Financial Blogger Conference really drives that point home.

Attending FinCon not only helps you to strengthen the blogging relationships you already have, but it gives you the opportunity to make new connections within our industry.

In 2011 and 2012, finance bloggers from all over the country met at FinCon and made connections, which led to any number of new projects, new ideas, and new friendships:

Ryan Paredez met Jenny Kerr at FinCon12, which led to which led to a funny blog post offering up a date with the eligible bachelor to Jenny’s readers.

Carrie Smith met the team from Power Wallet and got a new writing gig for their blog. She also met Ashley Jacob and Greg Go from Wise Bread and was a featured guest during their weekly Tweetchat!

Julie Starnes Rains got to meet her colleagues from Wise Bread and other online acquaintances plus have lunch with Emily Guy Birken (who writes for Gary Foreman of The Dollar Stretcher); Greg Go introduced Julie to Alison at Zillow which led to a new article.

Jeff Fruhwirth got to meet Jenna Forstrom (who met her roommate Jeffrey Trull at FinCon11), and Jenna and Eric Rosenberg invited Jeff to join their former blog, Beer Is Sexy. Jeff also met Offain from Bankrate and was brought on as a savings blogger for their website.
Todd R. Tresidder met Mike Piper at FinCon11, which led to Todd completely reformulating his book strategy.

LaTisha D. Styles met Paula Pant at their local FinCon blogger meetup and now they host the WealthFast Podcast every week!

What connections have you made through FinCon?


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