What You Can Do to Set Your Blog Up for Financial Success

Here’s a message from our #FinCon17 presenting sponsor Media.net.

This is for the blogger who turned on ads on their blog and got heartbroken that the dollars didn’t start flowing in, and this is for the blogger who’s made a million but a million more wouldn’t hurt either.

What is called digital advertising is premised on the idea that if you talk to the right person at the right time you’ll make conversions. But the lynchpin in this whole equation is YOU – the content creator. At your end, you need to focus on doing what you do best and find a partner that picks up the monetization tab for you – That’s what Media.net does for you.

What does this mean for you?

Say you run a personal finance blog to help young people save money and invest it right for the long term. You do your research and after days of work, you have an insightful article up on how you can pick the right mutual funds and target safe but growing baskets of stocks.

Millennials will love you because no matter what everyone is saying millennials do want to save, they do worry about the future, if only they could pay down that ballooning student debt at their back. Now, to have your audience return to you, you will have to grow with them, address the many ideas they may encounter in the marketplace and build trust by giving them honest advice.

That is close to how we believe monetization should work. When your audience is reading about investing for their future, there shouldn’t be ads about LV, Hermes, and Rolex. And worse still: ads about the 10 best luxury holidays for them to splurge on. What if they saw ads about the kind of mutual funds you are discussing in your piece? What if they saw ads about savings instruments and maybe even great ways to cut or restructure their debt? It’s anyone’s guess which kind of ads will attract more engagement

So, when your audience finds these ads relevant and ends up being directed to an advertiser who could actually serve their needs, you end up making money in the best way possible. Keeping your target audience’s problems in mind helps you make better content, and by helping them make the right choices in the marketplace it helps you make more money.  

Monetizing with Media.net 101

A partnership like the one between bloggers and Media.net cuts out all the layers between the content and the ad, delivers contextual ads and does the unthinkable: makes ads relevant to users and, therefore, offers you higher returns than ads that sell without context.

For an ad to add to the user’s experience and have a high likelihood of engagement it needs to be 2 things:

Be native in its experience

Often times, ads occupy so much space and are so intrusive in their appearance that they end up ruining the sanctity of your blog. Your visitors neither read the content nor do they click on the ads. We understand how important it is to maintain your blog’s user experience and therefore offer our publishers ads that blend in with the look and feel of their websites.

Be relevant in its proposition

For all the native ads on your blog, none of them will offer you a solid return if they aren’t relevant to the content of your article. You can only expect to make money if you display ads that make sense. These ads need to be in line with the theme and purpose of your blog. So, if you’re running a blog on frugal living, the ads displayed should fall within that spectrum. Media.net’s contextually relevant native ads are not only in line with your blog’s content but also blend with its layout.

Tweak till you hit the sweet spot

Creating a successful strategy involves a fair amount of experimentation and patience – not just with ads but also with ad platforms. With Media.net, you get the best of both worlds – strategy, and network:

Access to the Yahoo! Bing network

Media.net gets you exclusive access to one of the largest pool of keyword-targeted advertisers in the world through the Yahoo! Bing network. We open up for your blog $6bn worth of search demand, which means that there’s a huge revenue opportunity you miss out on if you do not add Media.net to your monetization stack.  It also means that irrespective of how broad or narrow your niche is, you will always find quality advertisers that match your content.  

A dedicated account manager

As vital as A/B testing is, just hearing “A/B testing” can get people dozing off. It can be time-consuming and if you’re testing monetization strategies who is going to make the content? To help you with all this, Media.net assigns dedicated account managers to each account irrespective of the size of the account. Our managers are trained to strategize and optimize your ads’ performance by deploying the best performing combination of ad sizes, number of ad units, ad designs, keywords and more.

Our account managers stay up at night thinking about your blog and the three things they need to help you tweak.

The right ad types + customization

Not all ad types and sizes will work for your website. The ads on your website need to match its design and layout. Media.net’s customization option helps you create ads that are compatible with your website. You get to choose from a wide variety of ad sizes and formats:

  • Below-the-content ads
  • In-content ads
  • Mobile docked ads
  • Native exit ads
  • Video ads

Right ad spots

It’s not just the size of the ad but also where it’s placed that matters.  We help you test, optimize and find the right spots for every kind of ad slot. You don’t need to swamp pages with ad slots to make more money, what you need is better placement.

Let our tech work its magic

The Media.net algorithms have been rumored to have passed the Turing test, but what our systems can do for you is to automatically optimize your performance by displaying ads that are likely to earn the most for you. This way you get back in your hammock knowing that only the highest quality and perfectly compatible ads are displayed on your website.

So what can you do to get onboard?

Joining Media.net is quick and easy. You sign up here and you should hear from us in a couple of working days. Once you’re in, sit back, relax, and watch your revenue grow.


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