Mastering Social Media for Audience Development and Growth

Today there are millions of outlets, including social media, to receive financial content online. How do you stand out to make a difference? In today’s competitive media space, it’s not enough to produce great content; it’s survival to create an outlet for that content to be received.

Winnie Sun is the Managing Director and Founding Partner of Sun Group Wealth Partners, a trusted award-winning financial consulting firm providing financial planning services to small business owners, senior executives, celebrities, tech elite, and established families throughout the West Coast. With over 125K followers on Twitter alone, Winnie is one of the most followed financial advisors on social media today.

In her talk at #FinCon17, Winnie shares how to master social media in order to develop your audience as well as grow your brand:

Steps for Audience Development And Growth

1. Build and grow your “ideal” audience

2. Strategize growth from your content (aka NOT producing content for the sake of just producing content)

3. Develop giving relationships with key press and media outlets

4. Utilize social media tools and start repurposing and growing your reach today

5. Monetizing your brand: when, how, how much

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