5 Ways to Drive Better Email Lists – with Jim Wang – M&M Podcast Episode #2

Jim Wang from Microblogger.com joins the fun this month with 5 tips to drive people to your email list. We’ll start with why you need a list and work toward tweaks to make your list shine.

Also, LaTisha Styles (YoungFinances.com) and Eric Rosenberg (personalprofitability.com) share their top five lessons from FinCon 2013….all of them useable ideas whether you’re planning on attending FinCon or not.

Finally, Jana Lynch from Bloggers Helping Bloggers shares details about blogger mentoring at FinCon, PT reviews the Pro Pass, and much, much more.

Thank you to Jim Munchbach at FamilyWealthBuilder.com for sponsoring this episode. Check out Jim’s breakout session at FinCon on podcasting this September and follow him on Twitter at @JimMunchbach.


How PT juggles work/home life

Our sponsor: FamilyWealthBuilder.com

12:18 – Jim Wang – 5 Ways to Drive Better Email Lists

29:42FamilyWealthBuilder.com – Jim Munchbach

30:38 – FinCon Pro Pass

33:23 – Top 5 Things I Learned at FinCon

o   LaTisha Styles – YoungFinances.com

o   Eric Rosenberg – personalprofitability.com

55:07 Blogger mentoring at FinCon Jana Lynch – Bloggers Helping Bloggers

58:28 – Wrap Up


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