Pro Networking is an exclusive networking opportunity where Pro Pass holders and brands schedule mutually-beneficial meetings in a set-apart meeting space.

The goal is to connect Pro Pass attendees to the companies and brands they want to do business with. The meetings are brief, focused, and scheduled ahead of time based on acceptance by both parties.

Examples of use:
• Establish content exchange partnerships
• Evaluate affiliate marketing relationships
• Discuss sponsorship and advertising opportunities
• Campaign awareness and cross-promotion opportunities

How is Pro Networking more advantageous than planning meetups with companies throughout the conference?


With Pro Networking you can get your business taken care of during a focused-window of time. Before FinCon even starts, you can schedule your meetings with brands in advance so you're free to enjoy the rest of the conference and focus on impromptu connections at meetups and in the hallways.


Pro Networking participants get pre-conference access to an exclusive online meeting scheduler where they can meet, vet, and connect with brands interested in mutually-beneficial partnerships or business. You are also invited to participate in an exclusive mixer with brands, speakers, and other Pro Pass holders.

Am I really important enough for some of these companies to want to network with me?

Yes! Your platform reach or size can sometimes be important, but some brands might be looking for content creators within a certain niche to partner with. Check out this interview with USAA and learn about reasons brands might pursue a variety of platform sizes.

Keep in mind also, that Pro Networking includes both financial services companies (e.g. Ally Bank, NEFE) and media service companies (e.g. Mediavine, Aweber). Therefore, part of the reason to participate might be to talk to the companies that you use to run your business.

Is it really worth it for me to pay more for the Pro Influencer Pass just to network with these companies?

You should be able to determine that based on your own goals. For example, if you’re a hobbyist, just getting started, if you primarily offer your own products and services, and/or if you don’t use any new media products or services to run your online business, then the Pro Pass probably isn’t for you.

If on the other hand, you are looking to grow the business side of what it is you do online, then setting up a time to meet with some brands might go a long way.

Pro Networking is exclusively for attendees with the Pro Pass.

Prior to the event, Pro Pass-level attendees as well as brand representatives will receive access to online meeting scheduling software. Both parties are able to request, approve, and book meetings with each other. 

Both Pro Pass holders and brands are able to block off times when they are not available for meetings, but they also have the potential to fill their entire slate with them.

There will also an in-person Pro Networking mixer.

There will be a designated space on site at the event with tables set up for brands and creators to meet. 

Content creators who have purchased a Pro Pass.

Brand reps who have purchased a Pro Networking table and Brand/Industry passes. 

It’s a good idea to bring business cards, your rate sheet, press kit, or anything else that is relevant to show the brand reps who you are.

Are you a brand or sponsor interested in participating in Pro Networking?

Email us at admin@finconexpo.com for more information.