Virtual Guide

Virtual Orientation

everything you need to know to make the most of the event

00:29 FinCon Mission
01:30 Event App
2:15 How do I sign into the app?
2:20 Mobile vs desktop dashboard
3:27 Your app profile
4:20 Virtual Host
4:38 Live streamed sessions
7:00 What if I miss a session?

7:10 How do I watch the sessions being presented only in Austin?
7:20 Breakout sessions
7:54 Meetups overview & software demo
9:39 Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose
11:46 FinCon Central virtual schedule and details
14:14 Virtual customer service contact

#FinCon21 starts as soon as you log into the App or Dashboard! It’s where you connect with other attendees and sponsort, plus access the live stream, the schedule, and more.

#FinCon21 content can be accessed in both mobile format via the APP and in desktop format via the DASHBOARD. Both will give you access to the live stream, but the Dashboard is a little more robust and has slightly more functionality, including 1:1 video chats with exhibitors.

IMPORTANT! Please give our team 24 hours AFTER you've registered for a Virtual pass to get your account added to the app. If you have trouble logging in at that point, let us know at admin@finconexpo.com.

After you create an account on either the App or the Dashboard, you will be able to sign in to the other with the same email address.


Step 1: Go to this link on your browser. 

Step 2: Sign in using the same email address you used to purchase your #FinCon21 pass.

Step 3: Create your personal profile.


Step 1: Search the app store (Android or iOS) for FinCon

Step 2: Download the app.

Step 3: Within the FinCon App, select #FinCon21.

Step 4:  Sign in using the same email address you used to purchase your #FinCon21 pass.

Step 5: Create your personal profile.