Six Money & Media Episodes to Listen To Today

Passionate about helping people with their finances through your writing, podcasting, or video channel? The Money and Media Podcast is for you! Each episode includes an interview with a personal finance content creator or brand who is making waves in the personal finance and investing space.

We put together a list of episodes worth a second (or first) listen. You’ll hear inspiring stories and specific steps you can take today to start creating better content, building your audience, and monetizing your work.

M&M 83: Finding Your Voice in Your Work with Tanja Hester of Our Next Life

A media Renaissance woman of sorts, early retiree Tanja Hester shares insight into blogging, podcasting, and book writing. No matter where you are on your journey or which platform you’re currently using, the gems in this interview are equal parts educational and inspiring, especially if you’re working on finding your voice and your audience.

Read more from the interview with Tanja here.

M&M 49: Becoming a Prolific YouTuber with John Sonmez

How often should you post on YouTube? Being prolific on YouTube starts with a great idea but nothing can replace a strong work ethic. In Episode 49 of The Money and Media Podcast, PT Money interviews John Sonmez about how to become prolific on YouTube.

Jon Somnez has amassed over 150,000 subscribers on his Mindset of the Champions YouTube channel. He produces 2-3 videos per day and his daily topics tend to include personal philosophy, self improvement, and entrepreneurship. John firmly believes that outworking and outproducing others will put him in the top 5% when it comes to success on YouTube.

Read more from the interview with John here.

M&M 78: Using Live Video to Grow Engagement with Bobbi Rebell of Financial Grownup

Have you thought about doing live video? We’re talking systems, processes, creating live video, and interacting with your audience with Bobbi Rebell. She shares how the content is re-purposed into a number of different ways while also getting instant feedback from her audience.

Bobbi is host of the Financial Grownup Podcast and co-hosts the Money In The Morning podcast. Money in the Morning is performed live in front of a virtual audience via Facebook, but it doesn’t just go there.

Read more from the interview with Bobbi here.

M&M 85: Lessons from the “NerdWallet Model” with Philip Taylor of FinCon

There’s a lot of talk about monetizing your blog. Maybe that’s left you wondering if you should use ads, affiliates, or something else? Even if you’ve already started to monetize, you might be questioning if you’ve found the best way.

Philip Taylor of FinCon and Part Time Money sat down with us to unlock all of the potential behind a monetization strategy you’ve maybe never heard of but will instantly recognize: the NerdWallet Model. Find out exactly how big name sites borrow a page from the NerdWallet model to drive traffic, boost revenue, and become the one-stop-shop for all things personal finance that their readers needs.

Read more from the interview with PT here.

M&M 35: Putting Yourself Out There and Working With Brands With Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters started with a beauty blog while working at a large company. Over time, she started attracting attention from brands. Coming from the corporate world, she pitched partnerships and speaking engagements. Eventually, she quit her job in front of 10,000 Periscope viewers. As her audience ramped up, so did her revenue—she made $11,000 in the first three weeks of working with small business clients full-time.

Read more from the interview with Nicole here.

M&M 48: How to Be a Great Podcast Guest with Jessica Rhodes and Sarah Li Cain

What does it take to be a great podcast guest? Whether you have your own or want to be a guest on another podcast, it is helpful to understand the psychology of a listener and what it takes to be a great podcast guest. In Episode 48 of The Money and Media Podcast, Joe Saul-Sehy interviews Jessica Rhodes and Sarah Li Cain about their biggest mistakes when starting out as a podcast guest and some practical tips to stand out from the average guest.

Read more from the interview with Jessica and Sarah here.

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