The First Annual Financial Blogger Conference

Welcome! Let’s do this.

What You Can Expect at the Conference?

I envision the conference as a two or three day event in Chicago, on the weekend of October 1st a weekend in either August or October of this year, 2011. I would hope that many financial bloggers would want to attend and participate. I would also really like to see finance industry company bloggers there. In addition, I could see these people attending: financial columnists and authors, finance service professionals, and those people interested in blogging and social media.

The agenda, which hopefully you will help me create over the next few months, will likely include plenty of networking time, panel discussions, speakers, break-out sessions, and a few social gatherings.  I have some experience with the WordCamp style of conference and so this event will likely mimic that style. Topics will obviously be in the personal finance and blogging/social media areas. It will be exciting, useful, and rewarding. You will leave encouraged and connected.

Want to Know More?

Please join me in creating the first ever Financial Blogger Conference. Sign up using the form in the right sidebar. You will get all the info about this conference as it rolls out. You’ll also have the opportunity to help me pick a date, set a budget for the event, and most importantly, design the agenda and topics to be covered.


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  • Marty, I look forward to meeting you there. I\’m sure you and your opinions will be welcomed. 🙂

  • Kevin, I\’m glad you are on-board. I\’m getting the sense that it was something that was wanted/needed. The energy has been great. Would definitely appreciate any input into the event that you can provide.

  • Good initiative PT! Alas, I don\’t think I will be making it. Any way to change the venue to San Francisco? We\’ve got the guys from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Zynga, Google, Quora and more here!

    How did you decide on Chicago? Is it because it\’s kind of in the middle of the country?



  • Thanks, Sam. Why can\’t you come out? Would love to have you lead the charge for Yakezie bloggers to come out. You\’d be great on a panel as well. I\’m sure many people would love to meet and interact with you.

    Chicago because a majority of the blogger friends I have are from there or can drive in from there. If I couldn\’t get them as a head start then I wouldn\’t want to do this. Plus, it\’s central, so folks flying in have less of a hike. Additionally, Chicago has never had a big meetup that I know of. East-coasters and west-coasters get together all the time.