FBP004: Stacy Johnson of MoneyTalksNews.com

Stacy JohnsonToday’s podcast features Stacy Johnson, CPA and owner/editor of Money Talks News. When I scored this interview I have to admit I was a little jealous of Stacy’s publishing model and I was happy to dig into the details.

At MoneyTalksNews.com, the do a lot of personal finance advice and news (several updates daily) in both text and video. They put it all together at the highest professional quality.

Stacy is the case study in journalist turned new media rockstar. He creates great content, and he’s doing an impressive job of owning it: promoting it and monetizing it.

If you’re coming to #FinCon13, I encourage you to get more of the back story to Stacy’s success by attending his session titled How I Took My Blog from $3,600/yr in Revenue to $700,000 in 3 Years.

Also, you can view Stacy’s #FinCon11 talk titled How to Create Effective Video on a Shoestring Budget.

Topics I Discuss with Stacy

  • How Stacy got into TV and syndicated personal finance news.
  • The decline in TV journalism.
  • Transitioning from newsletter to .com.
  • In 2010 Stacy didn’t know what a blog was!
  • Competing with CNN Money.
  • Blogging vs News and labels. The importance of saying something interesting.
  • Creating a bigger publishing platform – more content = more writers.
  • Online syndication of print and video.
  • How Stacy finds and hires writers.
  • And much, much, more.

My Hangout with Stacy Johnson

Each of the podcasts are recorded using Google Hangout’s On Air feature. Here’s the hangout video of the talk with Stacy:

Thanks again to Stacy for offering up such a great interview.


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