M&M 42: Podcast Seasons and Re-purposing to YouTube with Roberto Blake and Mark Asquith

One last set of interviews with podcasters from Podfest, but this time we focus on repurposing your content with YouTube and when is it okay to change the format?

Roberto Blake talks about:

  • How to take your podcast to YouTube
  • Adding a nice intro bumper to side-by-side video recordings of your podcast interviews
  • YouTube views want “lean-in” content while podcast listeners want “lean-back” content
  • And a podcaster’s guide to YouTube

Then Mark Asquith talks about:

  • Taking a break and re-formatting your show.
  • How long is too long to take a break from your podcast?
  • What’s new for marketing a podcast in 2018?
  • And how smaller, niche podcasts will be able to charge more for sponsorships because their audience is hyper-engaged.

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