M&M 43: From YouTube to Video Series on PBS Digital with Philip and Julia Olson of Art of Finance

Philip is a CFP and he and Julia made personal finance skits on Youtube before being discovered by PBS Digital. They share how they create great work and how they’ve navigated the deal with PBS.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How they first started using YouTube to indirectly bring business to Philip’s CFP practice
  • How acting classes can help other CFPs create videos and get in front of potential clients
  • How boosting videos from your Facebook Page can get you more views
  • The Facebook strategy wasn’t meant to get their followers to be their clients, but to reach their follower’s friends
  • Picking between the new Facebook Watch and posting to YouTube
  • How their Facebook videos help them land a deal-making show with PBS Digital
  • How the kind of content they create for PBS is different than what they put on YouTube
  • The future of YouTube and Facebook Watch and PBS Digital

Resources mentioned:

Philip and Julia’s Website: The Art of Finance
Their show on PBS: Two Cents
Their Facebook page: Two Cents on Facebook

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