Introducing Wednesday [Bonus] Workshops at #FinCon17

Let’s have some serious workshop fun, shall we?

We’re bringing bonus workshops to FinCon!

That’s right. Crack open the laptops and let’s get some work done.

These eight bonus workshops will take place Wednesday, October 25th at 3 PM and again at 4:30 PM. They will be completely free of charge (and pitch free too). They will be an hour and a half long, deep dive sessions on your favorite topics.

Your workshop leaders will spend some time addressing the subject at hand and then transition to walking you through specific steps where you actually get to work on your business. You’ll leave more informed about the subject AND have taken action in real-time.

Important Workshop Details:

What: #FinCon17 Bonus Workshops
When: October 25th, 2017 at 3 PM & 4:30 PM
Who: There’s something for everyone here: beginners to advanced.
How Much: Free to all #FinCon17 Attendees. No extra registration required.

Working Agenda & Titles

3:00 PM

Blogging 101: A Workshop for True Beginners; Grayson Bell & Charlotte Baker – Beginner

Grow Your Media Empire! Workshop; Josh Elledge – Intermediate

Digital Product Creation Workshop; Ankur Nagpal – Intermediate

Site Audit: Clean Up Your Big Site to Improve Experience and Search Traffic; Claudia Pennington – Advanced

4:30 PM

Social Media Plan Workshop; Linsey Knerl – Beginner

Plan Your Year: Content Calendar Workshop; Lauren Bowling – Intermediate

Outsource Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing & Hire Your First V.A.; Natalie Sisson – Intermediate

The final schedule of workshop sessions, times, and speakers will be released here on the main #FinCon17 schedule page.


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