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FinCon Scholarships for New Creators

The FinCon scholarship program was created in 2016 to make the event more welcoming and accessible to new Personal Finance content creators.

In the years since we’ve been able to provide scholarships for over 100 creators. You can see all previous winners below. 

We’re excited to continue the scholarship program for #FinCon21. Scholarships will continue to focus on NEW Personal Finance content creators who started developing their platforms in January 2020 or later.

At least 40% of scholarships will also be dedicated to those who represent or serve marginalized communities, ten of which will be presented by Student Loan Planner.

Who’s eligible?

New Personal Finance bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, advisors, freelancers, and influencers who started creating on your platform in January 2020 or later. You have not attended FinCon before, and you are not currently registered to attend #FinCon21.

Applications for the #FinCon21 scholarship closed on July 12, 2021. 


Congratulations to the recipients of #FinCon21 Scholarships!

Please give the following creators a warm welcome to the FinCon Community. Be sure to check out the great work each recipient is doing and show your support by following, subscribing, or commenting on their platforms. 

#FinCon21 Scholarship Winners:


To see previous winners go to the next page.

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