FinCon Scholarships for New Creators & Attendees

The FinCon scholarship program was created in 2016 to make the event more accessible to new Personal Finance content creators. In the years since, we’ve been able to provide scholarships for over 100 creators.

We’re excited to continue the scholarship program for #FinCon22, and we’re even more excited that the scholarship program is expanded even further this year! 

In addition to new Personal Finance content creators, we also extended FC22 scholarships to PF creators who have never attended a FinCon event in person or online. 

But wait! There’s more…

We’ve given away as many as 35-50 scholarships a year in the past, but this year we have 138 winners!

We also have a lot of new plans for scholarship winners this year, including their very own Scholarship Concierge who will help them navigate their first FinCon experience so that they don’t miss a thing.

And just like last year, at least 40% of scholarships are dedicated to those who represent or serve marginalized communities.

Special thanks to Money Under 30 and Investor Junkie for each sponsoring 5 scholarships.

Who was eligible?

Personal Finance bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, advisors, freelancers, and influencers who are new to the space and who have never attended an in-person or virtual FinCon event before.

The #FinCon22 scholarship applications closed on May 22, 2022. 



#FinCon22 Scholarship Winners:


Plus, the following college students:

  • DayMond Johnson
  • Donte Hicks, Savannah State University
  • Foday Tarawally, Savannah State University
  • Kamia Caldwell, Savannah State University
  • Kevontae Kelly, Savannah State University
  • Olivia Carter, Savannah State University


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Jessica Bufkin

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