3rd Annual Plutus Award Ceremony Video at #FinCon12

The 3rd Annual Plutus Awards ceremony took place on Thursday night, September 6, 2012. It was huge hit. Flexo did an excellent job of organizing the event and working with the committee to ensure that everything went off without a hitch.

Kevin McKee was the emcee for the evening and kicked off the ceremony with a hilarious opening act: song, dance, and slides included.

Here are Kevin’s lyrics:

If you feel alone
Then you already know
How the life of a blogger can be
Every day write a post, keep in mind SEO, and then send about 400 tweets
So this song’s for financial bloggers
Those who write every day that they can
Just because you’re a little bit different
You’re not crazy we understand

If you feel like someone that this world excludes
Because you obsessively check your page views
We love our analytics, other people just don’t get it
You’re not crazy we understand

If you have a big uncontrollable need
To write down how you saved a buck fifty three
At your table there are seated lots of people who will read it
You’re not crazy we understand

We enjoy the books and shows from many financial celebrities
And we can piss off Suze Orman with a few blog posts and tweets

Some might consider skydiving extreme
But when we get crazy we go couponing
If you love saving money on 300 jars of honey

You’re not insane
At least I don’t think
Although it might be good for each of us to go see a shrink
I’ve been told when I talk blogging I drive people to drink
It starts with just a website and a boatload of ambition
We think it’s just a hobby but it might be an affliction
When you start your 3rd or 4th site it’s a bonafide addiction
Now I’ve lost my train of thought oh yes you’re not crazy we understand


We write about taxes, income, saving tips and which stocks you should choose
And collectively we’ve done a billion credit card reviews

On second thought when I look at all that I’ve said
It seems financial bloggers are messed up in the head
In all the writers I’ve admired there’s no sanity required

But no matter what
We love our websites
Because if finance blogging’s wrong then we don’t wanna be right
We’re financial bloggers and we’re crazy and that’s alright

I loved all the little jokes provided by the various on-stage guests too.

Blog of the Year went to Budgets Are $exy. See the full list of winners.

Congrats to all the winners. Kudos to Flexo and crew for making it such a great event. Let’s make it even bigger and better for #FinCon13.


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