10 Takeaways from #FinCon17 You Can Use for Next Year

Here’s a message from Media.net.

Media.net had a blast being the principal sponsor of #FinCon17 and meeting the most amazing community of content and media creators.

It has been a couple of weeks since we got back from Dallas and the whirlwind that #FinCon17 was. Here’s what we think should come in handy for those of you headed back there next year.

The best friendzone in the world:

The friendliness is almost overwhelming, so never hesitate to start a conversation with people you don’t know. Almost everyone greeted us with a smile or said thank you for sponsoring – trust me that this is unique to this conference and definitely is influenced by PT and his team.

Get inspired, inspire others:

A big theme of FinCon is telling your story, finding your voice, and transformation – so people often have different takeaways from the same talk or discussion. Always compare notes with others to see if they have a POV that you couldn’t think of. The keynotes are incredible, but even the smaller breakout sessions are a great place to talk to experts, get specific questions answered, and really solve your business challenges.

The Fear Of Missing Out is real:

Make sure you come in to FinCon with an agenda of what you want to take away from it – this will allow you to schedule your day (so many roundtables, parallel talks, expert panels, podcasts, etc.) to maximize the return for your specific needs – but also be prepared to throw that agenda away. Go with the flow and if you start a good conversation or get pulled into a session you weren’t planning on seeing, go with it!

Challenge your assumptions and learn:

Be open to the idea that you might be COMPLETELY WRONG about a subject. People come from all over with such different backgrounds and experiences. We talked to so many people who were anti-advertising because they thought of digital ads as the flashy pesky ads that retarget you all over the web. When we showed them a native or custom design ad, it challenged that preconceived notion.

The whole Content King playbook in one place:

As a website owner, split your learning areas into three major categories – 1. content creation 2. traffic acquisition and 3. monetization. Decide your order of importance as per your website (if you have a million hits a day, your priority order will be very different than if you’ve just registered your domain) and spend your time accordingly.

Early bird gets the room:

Book your hotel in advance, the damn thing always gets sold out faster than you would think. Also use Yelp, TripAdvisor, FourSquare and your social networks to find the best bars, coffee shops, breakfast nooks and dinner spots.

A better way to swipe right:

Use the app. It can be used to schedule your day, contact people you want to get in touch with, find your way around the expo, etc. More importantly, if you are there alone, it’s an easy way to make friends and connect with people there with similar goals in mind.

Conversations, Connections, and Content:

It’s almost obvious that as digital content creators, social media is one of your biggest allies (and addiction, in some cases!). Live stream/ live tweet by all means. Use your social media to network, build connections and keep your audience informed. But don’t do it at the cost of real conversations that could be potential catalysts for your professional growth and goals. So, look up!

Just take their money:

Have a conversation with all the sponsors that you possibly can. Best case – you get a fruitful partnership. Worst case – you get some great swag and loads of candy.

All work and no play…:

Attend all the EOD events and meetups – great place to make friends and merry! Because it’s never NOT important to have fun!

See you at #FinCon18!


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