Community Event to Benefit Schaumberg Area Cancer Support Organization Phil’s Friends, in Partnership with Love Drop, with Support from Adaptu [Video]

Update: What a great way to kick off a conference, right? Thanks to Phil’s Friends for doing such good work and letting us play a small part in that. Thanks to Adaptu for supporting our efforts and thanks to the Love Drop team for their organization and for putting together this video.

fincon community event

We’ve been buzzing about it for months.. I’m happy to finally announce the details of our conference community event. You guys know that J. Money and his Love Drop team have been organizing the details of this thing. They are finally ready to give us the info on how we’ll be helping Phil’s Friends, the cancer support organization. To help facilitate our giving efforts we also have our friends from Adaptu joining in with their support.

You can head over to Love Drop’s FINCON11 landing page for all of the details. But before you do, be sure to RSVP for the event using the form on this page. We need to know how many buses to provide and how much pizza to order for dinner.

About Phil’s Friends

Phil’s Friends is a faith-based charity that provides support and comfort to those who are fighting cancer. They distribute care packages to patients and their families.

How We’re Going to Help Phil’s Friends

Hop on the bus with us Friday, September 30th, and help make care packages! Our goal is to have 50 volunteers show up and help as many cancer patients as we possibly can.

As a special treat, we’ll then give you pizza 🙂

More Details:

  • Meet at the hotel lobby @ 3pm
  • Dress casually & comfortably
  • If you’d like to make a care package for someone you know, bring their names and addresses 🙂
  • We’ll return back @ 6pm – in plenty of time before the welcome reception starts.

Be sure to head over to Love Drop’s FINCON11 landing page for all of the details.


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