Third Annual FinCon FinTech Startup Competition Lineup Announced

The third annual FinCon FinTech Startup Competition will be held live at #FinCon17 in Dallas, TX. It is the first ever early-stage business competition dedicated to technology products and solutions in the consumer-facing personal finance and investing verticals.

The 2017 Competitors


Agreeable (no longer available) was a mobile app that got you paid for wasted time.  Frustrated by people not showing up when selling on Craigslist and Facebook swap pages, the founders created agreeable to get back their lost revenue.


Birch Finance helps you maximize your rewards by telling you which cards to use when. The average shopper misses out on over $200 a year in rewards just by using the wrong card. Birch helps put that money back in your pocket.


Budgit is an app that helps you make better decisions, spend freely, and save intentionally. Budgit’s algorithms recognize spending patterns and easily divides your budget into needs, wants, and goals.


College Backer helps all families, not just the wealthy, save for their child’s college education. They help you choose and open a low-cost 529 plan and then allow you to invite family and friends to easily help you save.


Honeyfi is a new app that makes sharing the budget and managing money easier for couples. It easily allows you to collaborate, link accounts, and manage your money with your significant other.


Kinfo is a social investment platform which brings together information from hedge funds, insiders, analysts and private investors. It even helps bloggers gain more exposure by sharing their portfolio with their audience.


Squeeze is a tracking app that helps you see where your money is going and also compares your spending to other options that could help you save money. By tracking your recurring bills like phone plans, Squeeze will offer recommendations on comparable options that are cheaper.


Take Command Health is a company that helps you easily find the best option for health coverage. They use large data to help you source the best and cheapest health care options for you. Easily compare plans from major provides on and off the exchange using their easy online tools.


Qoins is an app that helps you pay off debt faster without even noticing. It rounds up purchases and uses the extra change to pay down your debt automatically. They help their users become debt free an average of 2 years earlier and save thousands of dollars in interest.


WizeFi helps users make the most of their money and it helps them make money. WizeFi starts by organizing a users money into strategic categories and then helps find money to apply to a built-in wealth building formula designed to improve net worth. It also pays users for sharing with their friends so they can earn more money to apply to their wealth building plan.


Meet the 2017 Judges


Shannon Austin,CFSI
Shannon is the Managing Director of Communications at the Center for Financial Services Innovation and has worked with numerous Fintech startups throughout her career.



J MoneyRockstar Finance
J. is the founder of both Budgets are Sexy and Rockstar Finance. He’s also one of the few finance bloggers that started in the early 2000s.


Attend Live

Attend the startup competition live at FinCon17 to see what company might be the next revolutionary hit to the finance world.

For more information about the competition, awards & prizes, competitor eligibility, and judging criteria, see our official landing page.


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