Research, Deadlines and Finding Your Voice: Creating the Book ‘Coined’ (with Kabir Sehgal) – M&M Podcast Episode 12

Ever wonder how to bring a book to market? Author Kabir Sehgal joins us today to talk about how he created his new book Coined.

Where did the idea come from? How did he research such a wide topic? How did he sell it to a publisher? What was his timeline? How did he schedule the writing? Did he have word count goals? What about writer’s block? What advice does he have for writers struggling to find their voice?

It’s a fun, interesting discussion that writers and readers who like to hear the story behind how books are made will enjoy.

Also: Thinking about starting a podcast? Not sure what all of the hype is about? Unclear about how you’d use a podcast to help build your brand? Elsie Escobar from podcast hosting company Libsyn joins us to talk all things podcasting. How easy is it to get started? How do you create a podcast? What are some creative ways to market your work? Where does she see podcasts headed in the future?

…and as if that isn’t enough: Erin Chase joins us to give us the lowdown on Digital CoLab. What’s the latest news about this conference the day before FinCon? Can people still get in on the “deep dive” conference where you dig into your craft with people who’ve already been there?

PT also shares information about the Pro Pass and more. Portions of this podcast are recorded LIVE from the floor of Podcast Movement conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Enjoy!

Kabir Seghal

– Kabir’s site: coinedbookcom

– Kabhir’s book: Coined (see: the New York Times review)

– Kabir on Twitter: @HiKabir

– Kabir on Facebook: Kabir Sehgal Facebook page

Elsie Escobar

– Elsie is Community Manager for Libsyn (a podcast hosting company)

– Elsie (and Libsyn) on Twitter: @Libsyn

– Libsyn on Facebook: Libsyn Facebook page

Digital CoLabDigital CoLab Website

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