M&M 38: From Blogspot to Juggernaut with Kyle Taylor

It took Kyle a number of months to earn his first $100 in AdSense revenue. Now he runs one of the most popular finance blogs on the web, PennyHoarder.com.

How did he do it? Kyle says he began to connect with other like-minded bloggers. Sponsored posts brought in $500-$600 a month. As things really started to pick up, he connected with Alexis Grant at SocialExis.com to bring on other writers who shared the interesting things they were doing to make or save money.

The greatest challenge was keeping all the voices from each blog post in line with the brand, so Kyle created the brand’s voice.

“We used the post description box [on Facebook] as a way to react to our articles – as a way of letting our brand tell you what we think about whatever that writer wrote that day”.

Kyle will be on our big stage Friday, October 27th.

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