M&M 34: An Easy Way To Meet Your Audience

Joe Saul-Sehy breaks into the FinCon Headquarters for a peek at some of the surprises coming up at this year’s FinCon Expo in Dallas, October 25-28, 2017.

While there are some big things we can’t share with you yet, there is one thing you’ll want to know about – and can make some money from…

Your Money Live!

This year PT is giving anyone the chance to meet their favorite money and media celebrities, bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters for one afternoon: Friday, October 27th.

What does that mean? Your fans can come and meet with you while also hearing from David Bach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, Farnoosh, and watch a live performance from Mr. “Sallie Mae Back” rapper himself, DEE-1.

Invite your readers, listeners, and viewers to join all of us – and earn a 50% commission when people use your affiliate link!

Go to Your Money Live to sign up.

Listen to the episode for more – and to hear the story when PT bumped into a fan who calls him “PT Dollars”.

For a full-access pass to the entire conference, breakout sessions, networking in the hallway, and after-party events, go to Fincon Expo


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