How I Grew from $942 to $6,089 Per Month in One Year with My Blog

For years Deacon was frustrated that he was making little to no money with his site. Then he decided to study what other people were doing that was successful and learned some valuable information on growing your blog. Through a combination of affiliates, courses and ad networks, he now makes over $6,000 per month with his blog.

Deacon Hayes, the founder of Well Kept Wallet, is best known for paying off $52,000 in consumer debt in 18 months. He has helped thousands of people develop a financial game plan so they can achieve their financial goals in life. He has been featured in the US News & World Report, MSN Money, Yahoo Finance and more.

In his talk at #FinCon17, Deacon shares how he grew his blog from $942 to $6,089 per month in just one year:

His Steps for Blog Revenue Growth

1. Understanding the power of focus

2. Learning the benefit and importance of tracking

3. Fine tuning your process

4. Create systems to scale

5. Using paid advertising to increase revenue

6. Figuring out the value of a visitor

7. Optimizing your paid traffic

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