FinCon17 Recap – As Told by Bloggers

We’ve had a ton of awesome bloggers write FinCon17 recap posts. Below you’ll find summaries, reviews, opinions, wins, regrets, and even expense breakdowns.

We’d like to give a huge thanks to each and every blogger who put one of these together. It means the world to us.

List of Blogger Recaps

First off, shout out to Physician On Fire for writing this mega FinCon-recap and gathering all of these recaps into one place. We couldn’t have put this article together without his help. So be sure to check out PoF’s recap!

Alright, now here’s the list.

Physician on Fire – FinCon17 Recap: The Conference That Doesn’t Sleep

1500 Days – BBQ, Beer, Back Soon

A Gai Shan Life – FinCon17 recap

Apathy Ends – FinCon 2017: Putting Faces to Blogs, Beer and Take-Aways

Bayalis Is The Answer – Don’t Make A Pest of Yourself

Budgets Are $exy – 10 New Fintech Companies To Watch Out For! (Plus Highlights From FinCon 2017)

Chief Mom Officer – My FinCon Story – Fun Times and Regrets

Debt Free Climb – My Fincon 2017 Review

Do You Even Blog? – 9 Game-Changing Blogging Takeaways from FinCon 2017

Easy Does It FI – 5 Lessons from the Fincon17 FIRE Panel

Fetching Financial Freedom – Life as a Living Statue, Party Crashing, & New Friends (FinCon Recap)

Fiery Millennials – Takin Care of Business: FinCon 2017 Recap

Financial Panther – How Much Does It Cost To Go To FinCon? (Plus A FinCon Recap)

Future Proof MD – REVIEW: #FinCon17 – What a Rush?!

Happy Philosopher – The Ultra-Official FinCon 2017 Review

Human Business Works – Most Fun for the Cost of a Root Canal (#FinCon17)

Inspiring Life Design – The 5 Biggest Lessons From FinCon17

Janet Berry-Johnson (Forbes) – My Favorite FinTech From FinCon 2017

Life Zemplified – Oh What A Week! #FinCon17 Y’all Are Awesome

Mastermind Within – Why FinCon 2017 was Amazing and I’m Going to FinCon 2018 in Orlando

Michelle Is Money Hungry – Figuring Out My Conference ROI-FinCon17 Was it Worth It?

Military Guide – MilBlogging17 was awesome! (Oh, and FinCon17 too.)

Millennial Money – Playing With FIRE Documentary

Millennial Revolution – FinCon Madness!

MinaFI – My FinCon 2017: 4 days of Accidental Connections, Beer & Memories

Mixed Up Money – Impostor Syndrome Was Stopping Me From Making More Money

My Family On A Budget – FinCon 2017: So Much To Take In During A 4 Day Blitz

My Money Wizard – I Finally Went to FinCon – Here’s What I Learned

Northern Expenditure – FinCon 2017 Recap: What You Need to Hear

Northern Expenditure – #FinCon17 What Really Happened (on Twitter)

Our Next Life – The Power of Community, at #FinCon17 – and Everywhere Else

Rebel With A Plan – FinCon17 Dallas Recap

Retirement Manifesto – I Know A Lot Of Nerds

Route To Retire – My 6 Favorite FinCon17 Moments

Slowly Sipping Coffe – I Found My Tribe! FinCon 2017

Think Save Retire – FinCon17: What the hell just happened?

Tiller – 5 Themes of #FinCon17: Humility, Presence, Heart, Potential, and Collaboration

Two Cup House – How FinCon Changed Our Lives for the Better

Work In My Pajamas – What’s My Story? Recap of #FinCon17


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