Introducing the FinCon Jobs Board!

Editor’s Note: Anyone who’s attended FinCon’s Freelancer Marketplace (pictured above) knows we are serious about helping freelancers and site producers find each other to start creating epic content together.

In that same spirit, with the help of accomplished freelancer Jason Steele, we are officially launching the FinCon Jobs Board.

Here’s what Jason had to say about the board:

“If you looking for talented content creators, you don’t need to be flooded with applicants who have no personal finance experience. But now, you can now reach out directly to the FinCon community by posting an ad at the new FinCon Jobs Board.

At the FinCon Jobs Board, you can create job listings for writers, editors, web designers, SEO specialists, and other talent with experience in the personal finance world.

So stop looking for personal finance talent among the entire blogosphere, and go straight to the source by posting an ad today on the FinCon Jobs Board.”

Jason Steele
Administrator, FinCon Jobs Board


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