The "Virtual CEO" Chris Ducker to Keynote at #FinCon14 ⋆ [FinCon]

The “Virtual CEO” Chris Ducker to Keynote at #FinCon14

Chris Ducker

Today we’re excited to announce “Virtual CEO” Chris Ducker will be giving a keynote address at #FinCon14, being held in New Orleans on September 18-20, 2014 (ticket sales begin February 4th).

Many in the FinCon community have personally used Chris’ advice and I had the pleasure of seeing him speak at NMX in 2012. Chris is a professional speaker who brings an energetic, experienced voice to the stage. I’m really excited to see him deliver a keynote for the FinCon community.

Bio: A serial entrepreneur, virtual staffing expert, blogger, podcaster and author, Chris helps other entrepreneurs catapult their businesses into the 21st century utilizing what he calls the ‘New Business’ style of marketing.

Chris’ new book, Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business, hits shelves April 1st, 2014. Learn more about Chris at

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