Safety & Inclusivity


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FinCon values its community members and event participants. While pursuing our mission of helping personal finance content creators and brands create better content, reach their audience, and make more money, we commit to take purposeful actions to ensure fairness and every member’s security.

Our Commitment to Safety and Inclusion in the FinCon Community

As a rapidly-growing community and event, it is our responsibility to welcome all Personal Finance content creators and brands. Thus, FinCon must provide a safe and inclusive atmosphere so we can be a driving force in the movement to amplify all voices in the space.

Open Speaking Submission Process

We are committed to offering opportunities to take the stage at the breakout level with an open speaker submission application. The opportunity to speak is available to anyone. The vast majority of our sessions are user-submitted and not pay-to-speak opportunities. 

Our Main Stage Content

We commit to hosting diverse viewpoints and speakers on the FinCon main stage. See a list of past speakers here. 

Speaker Behavior Policy

Speakers are required to refrain from offensive language and partisan political jokes or discussions as it is our primary objective to ensure no one in our community feels alienated. This will also foster productive conversation about important issues.

Commitment to Innovation 

FinCon is committed to expanding the scope of perspectives at our conference and offering innovative special programming that broadens access to FinCon and our community. Past initiatives include a partnership with Financial Health Network (formerly CFSI) and a group blogging day called “FinHealthMatters.”

Additionally, money-centric tracks were introduced in 2017. Some of the past topics on these Quick Money Talks tracks include: 

  • Do We Need a Universal Basic Income?
  • How Technology Is Tackling Debt and Financial Anxiety 
  • How Women Are Taking Charge of Their Money

Community-Driven Meetups / Unconferencing

FinCon commits to creating space for, supporting, and encouraging community-sourced meetups on various topics. 

This open-schedule platform allows FinConners to create their own groups for networking and conversations at the event and beyond. This has resulted in groups for POC, LGBTQ, etc. Past examples include:

  • LGBTQ Money Blogger Meetup
  • Women’s Personal Finance Meetup
  • People of Color Meetup
  • Latinos of FinCon Meetup
  • Equity & Justice: Finance Folks Who Care Meetup
  • Bible-Based Financial Bloggers Meetup

One-On-One Mentoring Program

As part of a program started in 2013, FinCon will support new attendees by providing relationship-building opportunities with more experienced attendees, including our speakers. 

Helping Local Communities with Service Projects

FinCon will continue to support low income or underserved communities through our annual community service projects

Scholarships for Attendees 

With a scholarship program established in 2016, FinCon has awarded 126 scholarships to date. FinCon commits to awarding at least 50% of its scholarships to people who represent or create content for underserved communities.

Industry-Leading Accessible Pricing

With ticket pricing historically 75% less than the industry average, FinCon offers a high-end conference and networking experience that is well below the many thousands of dollars attendees pay for comparable conferences.

We will offer an accessible price-point that encourages an attendance of diverse minds and viewpoints at our events. We will choose locations that allow participants to take advantage of public transportation and less expensive flight options. 

Additionally, in 2020 we have introduced a virtual event pass that offers accessibility to people for whom travel is not an option or who have scheduling conflicts.

The FinCon Code of Conduct

Attendees are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct typical of any professional event. It is our mission to ensure every FinCon participant experience is free from any form of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, verbal or physical, or retaliation. 

See the FinCon Code of Conduct for actions we take when this code is violated.

Facebook Group Guidelines

The FinCon Community Facebook Group will also be free from harassment, bullying, descrimination, hate speech, intimidation, and retaliation. Our guidelines for behavior within the Facebook Group include:

  1. Keep Formatting Simple: Post only default text. Put all links, images, and videos in the first comment to your post.
  2. Sharing Celebrations: If you or someone else did something awesome, tell us HOW you did it, share the results, and give some context so that others can learn. Don’t just share the result.
  3. Avoid Self-Promotion: Avoid directly pitching you, your services, or your websites. Respond to other’s requests if you can fulfill it, but don’t solicit.
  4. No Personal Attacks: Healthy debate is always welcomed, including arguments and disagreements. But personal attacks and name-calling, towards both those within and outside this group, are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.
  5. No Reselling of Passes: Please don’t use the Facebook group for posting about reselling passes. Instead, use the Pass Transfer document we’ve set up. 

Commitment to Evolution

We will actively listen to and seek ideas from the FinCon community when considering future growth and making FinCon more inclusive.