What’s New at #FinCon2020

The countdown to #FinCon2020 is on! Whether you’re a veteran FinConner or a first-timer, there is plenty to look forward to. From stand-out keynotes and action-packed sessions to making new friends and discovering “LobbyCon” firsthand, there’s never a dull moment at FinCon.

This year, FinCon is bringing back all of the things that make FinCon every money nerd’s favorite event of the year. There are also plenty of exciting updates slated for #FinCon2020.

PT Money sat down with Andy Hill to dish on some of the most exciting changes for #FinCon2020. There are also plenty of surprises not yet announced. You won’t want to miss these tips on how to stay up-to-date with #FinCon2020 news and how to start connecting with community members now.

FinCon is headed to the West Coast. From September 30 to October 3, more than 3,000 FinConners will take over the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California for #FinCon2020.

As the FinCon community continues to grow, the conference now requires more space. Unlike previous years, this venue is a convention center. The convention center really serves as a blank palette that offers more flexibility and customization for FinCon attendees. In addition to the convention center, the FinCon campus is actually spread out across six different hotels, which means that there will be plenty of places for pop-up meetups.

Once you purchase your ticket to #FinCon2020, you will receive details on six different hotel options. The room blocks feature a variety of price points, distance, and other amenities. That way, you can pick one that best meets your needs while staying within the FinCon campus.

Creator Camp

Is this your first FinCon experience? Then you don’t want to miss Creator Camp. Creator Camp is a one-on-on introduction to FinCon and a crash course in creating online content. It’s perfect for someone who is looking to get going with blogging, podcasting, or starting a YouTube channel.

Creator Camp happens on a smaller scale and then segues into FinCon. That means that the environment will be less overwhelming for newcomers.

By attending Creator Camp, you can get your feet wet before diving into the full conference. Creator Camp takes place the Tuesday before #FinCon2020 kicks off. At the end of Creator Camp, you will be up to speed on the technical skills you might need in order to feel more prepared for the different sessions and tracks at FinCon. Plus, you’ll already have connected with other Campers. You and your newbie family can tackle #FinCon2020 together.

Stay tuned for more details on Creator Camp, including how to purchase your pass.

If this is your first FinCon or you simply want a refresher, check out the tips for making the most of the conference in our First Timer’s guide here.

Pro Influencer Pass

The Pro Pass is an essential part of the FinCon experience, especially for content creators looking to elevate their platforms and make key connections. In the past, the Pro Pass connected FinConners to a speed networking type of event. 15-20 meetings were slotted in a short amount of time.

However, the Pro Pass this year is all about giving creators more opportunities to meet at their own pace. The formal networking aspect remains–including access to the booking software–but the meetings are now spread out over a whole day instead of slotted into a tighter window. You can use the new flexibility to place strategic openings in your schedule to attend other FinCon sessions and FinCon Central events. Pass holders will get ready and fueled up for the day with the Pro Networking Breakfast.

Click here for the Pro Influencer’s Guide to FinCon for more insight into making the most of the Pro Influencer Pass.

Content Enhancements at #FinCon2020

No matter which #FinCon2020 pass you snag, you’ll notice content enhancements across many aspects of the conference. From the sessions that are offered to changes at FinCon Central, there are lots of new and exciting things coming to California this year.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of them!

A Track Change

FinCon is divided up in 11 different tracks, allowing attendees to follow the paths that best meet their needs. Just like years past, there will be tracks on blogging, podcasting, and YouTube channels. Additionally, this year features the introduction of a social media track.

Previously, social media content has been sprinkled into other tracks. With an increasing amount of content creators who are native to social platforms, the FinCon team recognizes the need for a separate social track. Instagram will be a key component of the track, but it isn’t the only focus. If you find yourself connecting with your audience more and more on social media, you won’t want to miss this track.

The Solution Stage

This is more than just demos and pitches. The Solution Stage is geared for people who want to share information about certain solutions to the work that content creators are doing. This is a chance to problem-solve and innovate.

The Startup Zone

The Startup Zone blends cutting-edge technology with interests specific to the FinCon community. If you’re interested in seeing who might take the lead in robo-investing or what the next great money tracking tool is, then you’ll want to swing by the Startup Zone. This year, fintech startups will have designated space inside FinCon Central.

10 Year Anniversary Surprises

FinCon is doing some special celebrating this year. #FinCon2020 actually marks the 10th anniversary of FinCon. In honor of the milestone, this year’s conference will include surprises and special features.

Attendees can expect some touches of nostalgia, reflecting on FinCon’s roots. Additionally, there will be plenty of excitement, anticipating where the conference will head next.

Where to Learn More About #FinCon2020

Now that you’ve had a behind-the-scenes look at what’s new at #FinCon2020, you probably can’t wait for the full scoop. The FinCon team is always innovating to meet the needs of the community and keep things exciting. That means that there will be plenty of surprises leading up to the conference. Some of the best ways to stay in the loop are to subscribe to the Money & Media podcast and YouTube channel.

If you’re looking to start building community before the event, join the FinCon Facebook group where you can start connecting with other FinConners today.

Passes for #FinCon2020 will be available for purchase beginning February 26, 2020 at www.finconexpo.com/fincon2020.


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