An Update from FinCon Interim CEO Jessica Bufkin ⋆ [FinCon]

An Update from FinCon Interim CEO Jessica Bufkin

To our FinCon family:

Navigating change is never easy. Navigating unexpected change is especially challenging.

With change comes possibility, new opportunities, and a chance to do things differently.

As we thoughtfully move forward into a time of new leadership, it is also a time of increased understanding of our responsibility to every member of our community, especially our BIPOC friends.

I am truly hopeful as we look ahead and prioritize our core values of People & Relationships and Community First.

This is important now more than ever.

And it’s perhaps most important to emphasize that every relationship in our community is important–not just those of a select few or those with the loudest voices. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone feels heard and to amplify voices that have been marginalized far too long.

To that end, we’ve spent the last few weeks listening.

We’ve convened two community panel discussions in which seventeen diverse FinCon community members graciously shared time and insight to help illuminate how FinCon could provide a more inclusive experience for marginalized people and communities.

These conversations were productive, positive, future-oriented, and forward-thinking. We remain incredibly grateful for these thoughtful reflections.

We’ve also opened a community feedback form where anyone in the community can offer constructive criticism and feedback in a safe and straightforward way at any time.

As a result, we’ve recognized three areas where our company and event need to see change and growth: communication and transparency, diverse representation, and cultural sensitivity and awareness.

As we begin our work to promote meaningful change in these areas, we’ve enlisted the help of a Diversity and Inclusivity consultant. We also will take part in further training to continue to evolve our own thinking and processes.

In the coming weeks, we will share more specific action plans and changes based on the community feedback, recognized blindspots, and our new diversity guidelines.

As we move to hold the FinCon community, event, and purpose to a higher standard of inclusivity and representation for everyone, this has been a season of growth for me–both professionally and personally–and I’m grateful to be part of a community that includes so many voices and experiences from which we all can learn.

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Jessica Bufkin

Jessica Bufkin

Jessica is the interim CEO of FinCon.