The FinConners Guide to the First-Ever Financial Freedom Summit

I attend one or two new (to me) events each year – just to keep things fresh. 🙂

financial freedom summit logoBefore I go to a new event, however, I like to understand what it’s all about and game plan how I’ll make the most of it.

I’ve heard from several FinConners that they’re interested in the new Financial Freedom Summit, but they’re not quite sure how to approach it. So I figured I would take a moment here to share my thoughts on how I’d approach the Summit as a FinConner.

What is the Financial Freedom Summit?

The Financial Freedom Summit is for any individual interested in pursuing financial freedom.

Whether you are looking to start your financial journey or are already well on your way and helping others, you won’t want to miss this event. The Financial Freedom Summit kicks off in 2020 in Long Beach, CA.

As a FinConner, you understand that money is a tool to live a life you love. That’s all the more reason that the Financial Freedom Summit is right for you. You’ll leave inspired and armed with tactics to turn your plans for your brand and yourself into reality.

Plus, you can help us cultivate a new community full of Summiters who are ready to change their own lives.

Here’s how you, an unabashed money nerd, can start to gear up for the first-ever Financial Freedom Summit.

Why You Should Attend the Financial Freedom Summit

The Financial Freedom Summit isn’t just for content creators, but it has been designed with you in mind. As a creator interested in achieving financial freedom yourself and in sharing that message with your audience, you need to put the Financial Freedom Summit on your calendar.

Here’s why:

1. Improve Your Financial Life

Finances are a lifelong journey. Perhaps you’ve already found a way to use money to unlock a life you love. Maybe you are trying to move a mountain of debt or figuring out how to start. No matter where you are on your financial journal, we all have room to grow. Growing together takes you farther than you can ever imagine.

2. Form New Relationships

meeting someone new

The Financial Freedom Summit is an opportunity to spend three days with 1,000+ like-minded individuals. What does that mean? It’s the ideal opportunity to form new relationships focused on common goals and mutual interests. Bond with other creatives and like-minded individuals as you take in sessions, listen to speakers and connect during downtime.

3. Strengthen FinCon Friendships

If you’ve attended FinCon in the past, you know what an exhilarating event it is. You also know how downright depressing the return home can be. After all, a year is a long time to wait to cross paths with fellow FinConners again.

The Financial Freedom Summit is changing that. This event, co-organized by the FinCon team, is the perfect opportunity to catch up with FinConners midway through the year smack dab in the middle of the country.

4. Bond with Your Own Audience

As a content creator, you’ve built an audience. Here is your opportunity to grow with them. Take time during the event to host a meet up with your own audience while in Long Beach. The hotel and surrounding spaces have plenty of ideal locations, whether you want to grab a coffee, drinks, or a bite to eat.

5. Create Content

podcast at financial freedom summit

Maximize your time at the Financial Freedom Summit by creating content on site. You’ll have the opportunity to record a podcast, curate a roundup article, and make a vlog or video interview. Just like FinCon, you can team up with other content creators.

At the Financial Freedom Summit, you’ll also be able to collaborate with people who closely mirror–or even include!–your own audience. That means the content you make will be an excellent reflection of your audience.

6. Meet New Brand Partners meeting brands at financial freedom summit

While the Financial Freedom Summit is not FinCon 2.0, it is important to note that the Summit was designed with creatives in mind. Sponsors and brands will be exhibiting during the Summit.

Be prepared to share information about your brand; you might even bring a media kit. The Summit is an opportunity to establish new lines of communication that can lay the foundation for exciting partnerships to come.

Need a refresher in what to bring to FinCon as a first-timer? Don’t miss our guide here.

How to Get Involved Now

There’s plenty to look forward to when it comes to attending the Financial Freedom Summit. The event is still a few months out, but you can actually get involved now. After you grab your ticket, here are other ways to get ready for the Financial Freedom Summit.

Become an Affiliate

If you are a content creator, consider becoming an affiliate for the Financial Freedom Summit. Sign up in less than a minute, and you’ll earn up to $130 per signup. Click here to get started with this affiliate partnership. On the fence? Don’t be! You’re connecting your audience with a life-changing opportunity. The affiliate partnership helps you and your audience win big.

Want to boost your confidence with a reminder of the best affiliate marketing basics? We’ve got you covered here.

Spread the Word via Email

One of the most important ways to get involved in the Financial Freedom Summit is to share information with your audience. If you have an email list, that’s the perfect way to spread the word.

We know you’re never at a loss for words, but if you want a sample email template, snag the one below:

Hey [Amazing Audience]!

You know we talk a lot about money here. How to save money, how to earn money, how to invest money. Money matters, but it’s not the most important thing.

Living a life you love is.

That’s why a group of money experts joined together to share their insights and experiences at the first-ever Financial Freedom Summit. This three-day event features keynotes, sessions, networking, and opportunities to grow new friendships.

You’ll leave inspired and better prepared to live a life you love.

Here’s how you can start your path to financial freedom today:

  • Listen to the event founders share details about the event on the Money and Media Podcast.
  • Snag your Financial Freedom Summit ticket here. [Insert & disclose your affiliate link!
  • Connect on social using #FinancialFreedomSummit.

Hope to see you soon!

[Content Creator Extraordinaire]

P.S. When you snag your ticket, hit reply to let me know! Let’s do this together!

Get Active on Social Media

viewing social media Another way to let your audiences know about The Financial Freedom Summit is to share out details for the event on your social media channels.

Grab a Twitter-friendly message below or use it as a starting point for a post on other social media channels.

  • Nobody deserves to feel constant stress from their finances. Plan your escape from stress at the Financial Freedom Summit.
  • Discover how you take control of your money and design a life you love at the Financial Freedom Summit.

You also want to include the hashtag #FinancialFreedomSummit to connect your message with others in the FinCon and Financial Freedom Summit communities.

As an added bonus, grab an image for your post here.

Final Thoughts on Gearing Up for the Financial Freedom Summit

The first-ever Financial Freedom Summit is only a few months away. As a FinConner, you can play a special role in shaping the Summit community. Grab your ticket, sign up to become a Summit affiliate, and help us create a community that encourages more people to build a life they love.

To learn more about The Financial Freedom Summit, check out the full Money & Media podcast episode or visit


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