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[Update 09/18/21] The City of Austin has issued a mask mandate ordinance (effective Aug. 12, 2021): “Masks are to be worn regardless of vaccination status in or on City property, and on property the City owns, manages or controls. This includes the Austin Convention Center…

The Austin Convention Center Department (ACCD) continues to adhere to all City of Austin, Travis County, State of Texas, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations. The ACCD team remains committed to achieving the highest possible level of sanitization and health standards.”

To read more about the Austin Convention Center’s COVID-19 updates, click here.

We have carefully planned the FinCon agenda and event in an effort to provide as much space as possible for people to spread out. The fact that we’re in a convention center gives us much more room than we’ve ever had before, including an outdoor terrace with tables and chairs for those who want to visit outside. 

We’ve reduced the number of breakout sessions so we can have larger rooms and have designed a spacious approach to FinCon Central. We are forgoing our traditional style of parties with large crowds in tight spaces. We’ve planned check-in to be as swift as possible so people aren’t congregating in long lines. We have increased the font sizes on our badges so you can see others’ names from farther away. We will have cleaning protocols in place for shared items like the podcasting stage or video booths. And, of course, there will be hand sanitizer stations throughout.

We will continue to update this space with any changes between now and the event. 

The #FinCon21 App is an important tool to making the event successful.

It includes the complete interactive schedule, speaker list, DMs with other attendees and sponsors, and more.

Click here for instructions on how to access the app.

For your convenience, this is a list of hotels that are near the Austin Convention Center. We are not contracted to any of them, but this link is convenient for finding the hotels within walking distance of #FinCon21.

We’re thrilled that FamZoo is sponsoring on-site childcare for children 12 and under during #FinCon21!

Best of all—it’s FREE to attendees!

We have a small number of childcare openings for children who are 12 and under.

Childcare will be provided by a third party agency and all workers will be certified in CPR, first aid, and background checked.

Age-appropriate, interactive, and engaging activities will take place daily.  They also have Covid protocols in place to ensure your children’s safety. 

Childcare is free and first-come, first-served, so please do not request space unless you are certain your child will be attending.

The childcare form was emailed to all attendees. If you have questions, email us at admin@finconexpo.com.

Some of the best moments happen when attendees plan their meetups and activities. These Community Meetups will be included on the #FinCon21 event schedule and available for any attendee to participate.

More information on hosting a Community Meetup is available HERE

To host a Community Meetup in Austin, COMPLETE THIS FORM

FinCon Central is the hub of all that happens at #FinCon21. Some would call it an expo hall, but it’s so much more. Connect with sponsors, record live video and podcasts, attend Quick Money talks, collaborate with other attendees, network at the niche meetups, hang out in the lounge, and more. It’s a high-energy space, where deals are taking place!

Curious how to make the most of your time in FinCon Central? Check out 10 Ways to Make Money at FinCon

FinCon Central Schedule:
Thurs., 9/23 from 11:30am-5pm
Fri., 9/24 from 9am-noon

Looking for freelance talent to grow your business? Do you have skills that you’d like to offer?

The FinCon Freelancer Marketplace will take place on Saturday morning at #FinCon21. It offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to connect with talented individuals offering their services on a freelance basis. 

How does the Freelancer Marketplace work?

For freelancers:

  1. No registration necessary. 
  2. Visit the tables of businesses that are looking for your skills. Each business will have color coded signs that indicate what kind of freelance talent they are looking for — writers, editors, social media, video producers, podcast producers, SEO/Wordpress management. 

For businesses:

  1. Businesses are asked to register in advance, but it isn’t required. 
  2. When you arrive, you’ll receive a card with your company name and you’ll select a table.
  3. You’ll also select color coded signs that indicate what kind of freelance talent you’re looking for — writers, editors, social media, video producers, podcast producers, SEO/Wordpress management.
  4. Interested freelancers will visit your table to discuss your opportunities.

Questions? Email Jason Steele at jasondsteele@gmail.com.

Are you an author? The FinCon Community Bookstore in FinCon Central again this year! Each author is responsible for bringing copies of their book, as well as a way to accept payments. Sign up for a time slot to serve in the booth. 

Questions? Email Doug Nordman at nordsnords@gmail.com or M.K. Williams at 1mkwilliamsauthor@gmail.com.

Digital recordings will be available within a few days after the event. This will include all keynote sessions, Big Idea talks, Success Labs, and Money Conversations presented in Austin, as well as all pre-recorded breakouts.

If you have a Basic Pass, all digital recordings will be available for you to watch through Nov 11. 

If you have a Pro or Brand Pass, you will have lifetime access.



Within 48 hours, you should see the Virtual schedule in the #FinCon21 app. Additionally, you’ll begin receiving virtual-specific event emails. Since the virtual event doesn’t have a physical check-in where you need an actual ticket, as long as you can see the virtual schedule in the app, you’re ready to go!

Your #FinCon21 Virtual experience can be accessed in both mobile format via the App and in desktop format via the Dashboard.

Both versions give you access to attendees, DMs, speakers, and the schedule.

The Dashboard is more robust with optimal functionality for specific aspects of #FinCon21 Virtual — watching livestreams and sessions, participating in 1:1 chats with exhibitors, perusing virtual exhibitor booths, and joining meetups.

Click here for instructions for accessing both the App and Dashboard.

FinCon Central, our version of an expo hall, will be available to all #FinCon21 Virtual attendees. While it may look differently than talking to a sponsor face-to-face, there are still sponsor relationships to start and money to be made.  

Each sponsor has a landing page within the #FinCon21 App that showcases their brand & partnership opportunities. During the FinCon Central Virtual Hours, you can have 1:1 video or audio chats with their brand reps. You can also DM brand reps directly at any time throughout the event.  

FinCon Central Virtual Schedule:
Weds., 9/22 from 3-5pm
Thurs., 9/23 from 5-6pm
Fri., 9/24 from 1-2pm

We’ve designed #FinCon21 Virtual so that you have ample opportunities to connect with other money nerds like yourself. And with no Zoom meetings in sight!

There are two majors ways to connect: using the #FinCon21 App and participating in Virtual Meetups, presented by Nav.

The #FinCon21 App:

  • Fill out your profile and be sure to add tags and niches. Then use those tags to search for others.
  • Use the native app DMs to connect with other attendees and brand reps — this includes both those attending virtually and in Austin. 
  • Join in the fun of posting and commenting on the activity feed. 
  • Every sessions has a session chat. Join the convo!

Meetups, presented by Nav:

  • Community Meetups – host a meetup based on a topic or activity of your choice. Past examples include Morning Coffee, Late Night Games, Women in Finance, or Digital Nomads.
  • Platform Meetups – where you’re creating content: bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, advisors, etc
  • Niche Meetups – what you’re creating content about: budgeting, real estate, travel hacking, etc

Yes! We’d love for you to host a Virtual Community Meetup. 

More information on how to host a  Meetup is available HERE

To host a Community Meetup, COMPLETE THIS FORM.

Both #FinCon21 Virtual and Austin include the same elements on their schedules — keynotes, breakout sessions, meetups, parties, and FinCon Central.  The schedules do not necessarily mirror one another, but they do have some overlap. For example, everyone in Austin and Virtually will participate in the Mainstage Keynote sessions at the same time. 

See both schedules HERE

It will be a mix! Both Mainstage Sessions (including Keynotes and Big Idea Talks) will be livestreamed, so that you and Austin attendees are all participating in the same thing at the same time.

Additionally, one Success Lab each day will be livestreamed. 

All sessions presented during #FinCon21 Virtual,  including the livestreamed Mainstage and Success Labs, will be recorded. You will receive access to those sessions within a few days after the event. 

If you have a Basic Pass, all digital recordings will be available for you to watch through Nov 11. 

If you have a Pro or Brand Pass, you will have lifetime access.

If you ordered a Swag Pack, it will be mailed to you after the event. 


Not a problem! Email us at admin@finconexpo.com so we can adjust your pass accordingly.

We’ve extended the deadline to switch your pass to Virtual to Friday, September 10, 2021.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund you the difference in price, though.

Not a problem! You can email us at admin@finconexpo.com to upgrade your pass.

We do not offer refunds for #FinCon21 passes. If you are at all concerned about  attending #FinCon21 in Austin, then the best option is to attend virtually this year. It’s the biggest reason we created the hybrid event. We’ve worked hard to craft a virtual event that is not lesser but is interactive and allows for as much networking as possible, short of being in Austin.

In years past, we’ve offered attendees the courtesy option to sell your pass to someone else and transfer it for a $50 admin fee. If you weren’t able to attend, there wasn’t an alternative event option. However, since #FinCon21 is a hybrid event and offers the option to attend virtually–something we’ve never had before–we will not have the ticket exchange option.

For those who transferred their passes from #FinCon2020, you were given the option in July to choose whether you wanted your pass to be an Austin pass or a virtual pass.

If you’d like to change your Austin pass to virtual, please email us at admin@finconexpo.com.

If you transferred your pass from 2020, you have the same pass for 2021 that you registered for in 2020. (Ex: If you registered for a basic pass for #FinCon2020, you have a basic pass for #FinCon21.) In the Fall, you should have received an email from TicketSpice when your pass was transferred. If you did not, email us at  admin@finconexpo.com and we’ll look it up for you.

Good news! If you transferred your pass from #FinCon2020 OR if you purchased your pass in the exclusive sale after #FinConX, you automatically get lifetime access to all #FinCon21 digital recordings. You do not need to purchase the lifetime access.

Ready to register for #FinCon21?