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Money Nerds came to Orlando from around the world, including 23 countries & 47 states!

Top 10 Niches at FC22

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"Simple scales."

- Allison Baggerly, Inspired Budget

"You have to be consistent with studying for yourself not studying to perform."

- Anthony O'Neal, Speaker & Author

"Make worth a verb. I don't work. I worth!"

- Bernadette Joy, Crush Your Money Goals

"“If we want to support our communities, we must be able to support ourselves.”

- Bobbi Rebell, CFP®, Launching Financial Grownups

"Looking back at my journey, the slow growth is a gift not a curse...grow at YOUR pace."

- Chris Browning, Popcorn Finance

"I will only do this if I can be unbought and unbossed."

- Clark Howard, Consumer Expert

"If you don't have empathy for your audience, you don't deserve a platform."

- Delyanne Barros, The Money Coach LLC

"I had to stop making this career my identity."

- Lauren Cobello, Lifestyle TV Personality & Coach

"No matter where my brand takes me, I want people know why I do what I do."

- Patrice Washington, Redefining Wealth

"Maybe I’ll never have that perfect business success story, but that doesn't mean that I am a failure."

- Pete McPherson, Do You Even Blog

"It is ok to create space. Your health first and foremost."

- Rich Jones, The Mental Wealth Show

"I'm constantly working to guard & protect the trust I have with my audience because it's the most valuable asset I have."

- Rob Berger, Financial Freedom Show

"Entrepreneurship is not about having it all figured out. It’s figuring it out along the way."

- Dr. Sharita M. Humphrey, Finance Expert & Money Mentor

"Seek to be less influential and instead be IMPACTFUL."

- Yanely Espinal, MissBeHelpful

Collaboration over competition.

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